As a new blogger, I find it necessary to make the First Post as Jaw Dropping, Eye gouging, an Pitch Fork raising as possible. So I went through multiple memoirs to find a decent topic.

Decisions, Decisions

My first thought as a gamer was to obviously write about my favorite Anime Game, the Holy Grail for people like me. With so many epic releases coming out like Jump Stars, One Piece: World Seeker, and Kill La Kill (we all know Mako is the most OP character)

But there was no shortage of ideas. Just like a responsible Otaku I took a 2 week vacation off work, just so I can spend a extra 12 hours getting a platinum on my Ps4. But, it just doesn’t resonate with me. So I scrolled through the manga I’m currently reading, an I found nothing that if you somehow landed on this page, you haven’t already heard about a gazillion times. Cough *Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken* but for a repetitive clichΓ©, it is beautiful.

I figured I should, like every anime blog talk about our comicon adventure, an how I met my first cosplayer several years ago. But that story goes sideways really fast, so another time maybe. Than I realized before I can even talk about that whole fiasco, I have to talk about how it all began, which was with my very first anime.

Life Changing

So what was it that set me off to a land of no return. I don’t mean the anime we watched as kids like, DBZ, Yu-Gi-Oh, or even Cubix. Yes Cubix if you didn’t enjoy this as a kid than your life is a lie, an you know it. “Robots For Everyone” while everyone was outside trying to turn Super Saiyan, I was outside singing this theme song.

I don’t mean the shows we watched as a fab because everyone else was, I mean the one that made me a fanatic. From Samurai Jack to Naruto, nothing really kept my attention, because bout time I went knee deep into Naruto, Madara was chucking meteors at Ninjas, like a little 10 year old boy dropping pebbles at ants. “My brain several years ago when I finally caught up.”

For me it was a more out of a left field, I was recommended to watch SAO, which I really enjoyed kill me. First season was perfect to me as a kid. Dashing mc, sturdy heroine, life or death scenario, I save you, you save me situation, (yes Asuka did save him multiple times, pathetic as critics make her seem) and a bubbling romance before Mother Rosario took a fat Elephant Crap all over it. But I digress, the anime that popped my virgin cherry was Heavens Lost Property or Sora no Otoshimono . Yes you read that right, the fan service angelic anime, that I have never seen anything like it at the time. This piece of art really stuck to me, an not because of the edge lord mc Tomoki, or the excessive gravity defying oppai. But the detailed with the characters an animation really spoke to me. By spoke to me, I mean my first heroine obsession Ikaros.

Point Of No Return

The story begins with a over used personality, a pervert who wants nothing to happen, have his world turned upside down, in a literal sense. A childhood friend who constantly beats him, a school president whose filthy rich, an genius friend who wants to discover a new world, turns Tomoki boring life to one that ends in a explosion. During a meet up, that ended in him going alone, Tomoki ends up in a head on collision with a Angel falling from grace.

With a semi decent sound track, great visuals, an beautifully design characters, I felt like I was thrown into a new world. To my disappointment the story never finishes an the final movie “Eternal My Master” your left with a sour taste of defeat as they rushed the final production that left viewers highly upset an cringe. Especially after the second season ended with him finally accepting all 5 angels, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Hiyori an my personal favorite Chaos.

To him being dropped to his dream world for no apparent reason, if you never read the manga, it’s a complete mind jerk. When all we wanted was to see Ikaros go Uranus Queen on Zeus.

So once I finally finished the series I sought after other anime that actually finished the plot. I somehow ended up at Guilty Crown, which left yet another bitter taste with it’s ending. My next blog might be Great Anime Terrible Endings. Instead it just peaked my curiosity, an made me crave a insane amount of more that Netflix was supplying. I searched high an low for apps that provided anime, before I learned about KissAnime, I used Jpanime, an Hitanime, but before that was the Holy Grail of anime apps before it was force a deletion virus. #Toonmania, yes Toonmania was a true blessing back in it’s glory days. It’s currently back Online after 2 or 3 years of being forced a deletion bugged.

If you could think of the name, this app 100% had it in Dub, Sub, Manga, you could ChromeCast, an it had a community chat to top it off with a highly reliable download system to your smart device, an not the app itself. I recently discovered it was back online after randomly checking the app, but this was the app that set me off. While on the bus to work I was downloading 20 Episodes at a time to watch later, while watching the new release they always got weeks before Crunchyroll. Thanks to this app, I seen an read every anime an manga there was possibly available at the time.

Fighting Addiction

Now my apartment is full of anime games, phone is filled with anime related apps, social sites is full of cosplayers, an I spend my time trying to get enough PTO hours to take off for a Convention. This isn’t a fight I care to win, I just hope I managed to enlighten readers to useful Apps that make watching anime 10x easier, than sourcing through bugs and buffers. So I’ll end this with my top 3 Anime + Games of the week (not subjected to new releases)

Your comedic Excessive Harem story. About a boy who gets washed up on a shore after a huge fight at home. He becomes the only boy on a island full of Women, with it’s old style being easily ignored by it’s humor.

This anime takes place on a alien invaded planet, where they kidnapped all the children an killed all the parents. But the one’s who been killing the parents wasn’t actually the aliens. As kids they were place with codes that gave them superhuman abilities. Some can fly, others could wield super massive swords that could slice a fleet in halve. The romance with the music was beautiful as they focus on each character story, making you even pity the creatures that destroyed the planet.

This is highly one of those type games that one side either loves it, or the other truly despises it. I’m somewhere in the middle. Though I beat all 3 games multiple times, once you play Lightning Returns, it makes the turn base situation pretty much over taxing. As much as I love the I hit you, you hit me situations, being able to freely move was a huge turning point for Square Enix, that led to Final Fantasy XV which is honestly one of my top 10 games I platinum. You start off as a human soldier, who fight her way through numerous obstacles. From petty bandits to God himself. As she do it all for the love of her sister. The cinematic scenes don’t come like that to often, as you dive deep into how each character feel, from a heartbroken Snow, a estranged Hope, a misguided Vanille, to dozen others. Final Fantasy 7 still stands above the others, but XIII was a new Era for the popular Series.

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