Intensity Intensifies


Stare Into The Abyss

What if I told you that staring at someone so intensely could kill them. Go head an give it a try, no, didn’t work, you have to squint really hard. Like a kid eyeing an adult with a piece of candy. Or like Sasuke.

When your skin become a curse mark, and your eyes turn red by killing your most beloved. Still don’t believe me, than maybe after this list you might. I consider myself a neutral anime watcher. Other than hardcore political anime, that shoves agendas down your throat, I typically watch 3 Episodes before I make my mind up. (OCD) But that doesn’t say I also don’t have my pick of preferred genre’s, which is around 7 main genre’s I’ll go to watch before any other’s. I rarely ever find a anime that rate “Perfect,” but that doesn’t stop these 5 anime’s from making that perfect moment that I desperately crave.

Yes like the depraved soul I am, I take keen pleasure in watching others suffer. I’ll rewatch a despair scene over so many times, the anime ended 20 minutes ago. Take your favorite porn star, put them in your favorite clothes, than imagine them in your favorite position, while they pay you afterwards. An you have the sum of my depraved soul. Now multiply that by the love Issei Hyoudou have for oppai, an congratulations, you just calculated my life. I tend to go off topic alot, but look at these eyes.

You might’ve already guessed it, but my taste involves the highly focused on death stare. I always wondered how much time studios spent designing each frame. Though animators get paid bat shit, they are highly unappreciated. So welcome to Animania Land, an my personal Utopia Of Dystopia. “See what I did there.” When you stare at the Abyss, it stares back.

You see me staring as your more prepared to read this than you should be proud to.

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