Stare Into The Abyss

What if I told you that staring at someone so intensely could kill them. Go head an give it a try, no, didn’t work, you have to squint really hard. Like a kid eyeing an adult with a piece of candy. Or like Sasuke.

When your skin become a curse mark, and your eyes turn red by killing your most beloved. Still don’t believe me, than maybe after this list you might. I consider myself a neutral anime watcher. Other than hardcore political anime, that shoves agendas down your throat, I typically watch 3 Episodes before I make my mind up. (OCD) But that doesn’t say I also don’t have my pick of preferred genre’s, which is around 7 main genre’s I’ll go to watch before any other’s. I rarely ever find a anime that rate “Perfect,” but that doesn’t stop these 5 anime’s from making that perfect moment that I desperately crave.

Yes like the depraved soul I am, I take keen pleasure in watching others suffer. I’ll rewatch a despair scene over so many times, the anime ended 20 minutes ago. Take your favorite porn star, put them in your favorite clothes, than imagine them in your favorite position, while they pay you afterwards. An you have the sum of my depraved soul. Now multiply that by the love Issei Hyoudou have for oppai, an congratulations, you just calculated my life. I tend to go off topic alot, but look at these eyes.

You might’ve already guessed it, but my taste involves the highly focused on death stare. I always wondered how much time studios spent designing each frame. Though animators get paid bat shit, they are highly unappreciated. So welcome to Animania Land, an my personal Utopia Of Dystopia. “See what I did there.” When you stare at the Abyss, it stares back.

You see me staring as your more prepared to read this than you should be proud to.

Confuse on what the Abyss is, than Yumeko Jabai is the glaring bottomless pit. As a transfer student, of Hyakkaou Private School, a den for rich high rollers. Yumeko just want’s some excitement in her life, like any other teen. Rather it’s getting her fingers cut off, Russian roulette, or finding pleasure in taking a nose dive from a 10 story building, her lust knows no bound. Turning one of the richest kids in the academy from this,

To this

Ever loved something so much, you just couldn’t control yourself. Jabami would be one of those people that you would always see in the top rankings. Screw school, let’s do everything but study. But got to say the moment she makes someone bankrupt. That feeling each character gives off, will always send shiver downs. Makes you wonder who is actually the villain in here.

Absolutely can not have a post about the Abyss, an not mention Yuna Gasai. This was the anime that actually made me realize my love for Yandere’s. You explore the world as Yuki, a pointless, useless, and just ugh mc. Just stare at the screen the whole time screaming, do something! With no goals, ambitions, an spends his time writing every single detail of his life down. Only thing that makes this anime bearable was the incredible amount of plot twist. Which is easily overshadowed by Yuno’s temper, an stalker like obsession.

Imagine having someone that love you this much. It’s like she’s looking directly into my soul.

Future Diary is guaranteed to leave you wanting more, more of Yuno just being Yuno. Her intense demeanor scares Yuki on multiple occasions. But with the secret she harbors, she honestly could care less. So she’ll keep killing, killing, killing, an repeating the same love scene over an over until she’s blue in the face. I can’t even convince someone to run to the store for me. Yuno oozes “Shut up an kiss me,” aura.

An if you don’t.

Aside from my personal taste, this anime really does a good job at highlighting action scenes. While the Mc is off somewhere hiding watching the girl do all the killing. Good times.

Everything has a beginning, and a end. Question is where does this begin an when does it end. This anime takes you on a train ride of mind jerks. In fact, I’m willing to bet my left toe that when you first watched this, it left you clueless, an just thinking that you was just different arcs unfold in one. When nope, couldn’t be far from the truth. It would make sense that we were just Keiichi die multiple gruesome deaths. But each story ties together like a puzzle. One screwed up, they’re not even teens yet sort of puzzle.

“Si-Sister, u-u-uh, um is it your turn to die this time. I died last time.”

“Shut up an get in the cave,”

“B-bu-but, the caves smell like grandma,”

“Than you can join Satoko sister,”

Satoko is like 7, I never saw a anime cross that line on punishing kids, intense. So here’s some fan service to lighten the mood.

Even by my standard this scene was a hard watch. Just look at this.

I recently just finished this one due by recommendation, an it was just uh, every bit as she explained. As you travel with Riko, who just wants to explore the Abyss. Which is an enormous dive pit filled with dangers at every corner. Only the best of the best can raid this vast treasure house an return. Riko mother disappears inside this pit, an for some reason the daughter decides she wants to be just like her. Note to self, never follow behind my parents. As it sometimes leads to this.

Wanna know if Riko make it, better watch this series, so you can see my favorite scene.

Look at them eyes, I totally believe her. Come enjoy this human + android gloomy romance.

Let’s be clear, if you’ve made it this far I want it to be said this list is entirely random. With a few personal. I like to focus on the non mainstream side of anime. Since there are countless amounts of shows yet to be watched, that’s sometimes even better than the one’s with big publicity. I’ve seen several great popular shows, with just terrible marketing. So getting back into the limelight, cause who haven’t heard of these anime’s. I had to make the decision between either Koro-Sensei or UBW. In the end Fate/Night Series just have a special place in my heart. Join Shiro as he make heads, an tails of true strength. With his long lost sister.

Or do you prefer:

The detail that this anime paves with each character really sets the imagination off. Although this anime doesn’t really go with the horror intense theme as the other anime. But with the amount of the world being destroyed, it doesn’t really matter. Oddly enough, Heaven Feel Route, takes the carnage up a notch. Didn’t think it was possible. The Holy Grail War is the War of War’s. Explore the Rin route as Shiro struggle against his cruel fate with the Unlimited Abyss.

Which Route did you Prefer?


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