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Top 5 Emotional Scenes

I seen just about every anime there is to see. Just like my personal favorite, aggressive yandere like heroines. I also enjoy a good climatic fight. Rather it’s emotional, bloody, or just cinematic. Each fight tells it’s own story, an each has it’s own importance to the narrative. I’ll try to stay away from the ones that’s in the limelight. (Naruto, One Punch, Mainstream like) an instead bring light to the other anime that isn’t as highly received. Although the overall characteristics of the anime leaves room for improvement, the animated scenes they give us are 2nd to none. Here’s a list of 5 of my overall favorites.

Shizu the freshman sister and Toka the senior rival, this fight was as emotional as it is intense. The story behind it follows Shizu who isn’t entirely in love with her brother, but feel more like she has a responsibility to love him because of his upbringing. Abandoned by his family, an left to die, Shizu decided she would be the only thing he need in life.

To protect her brother, she stood against Toka, who is renowned as the strongest fighter in the series. The emotional intake from this fight, is from the fact that Shizu doesn’t want her brother to go against her. Due to the fact that it was a chance that he would lose, or that her family would interfere beforehand. Which of course they did. This was Shizuka final stand to protect her, an it was as beautiful as it was inspiring.

Ever saw Gunslinger Girls, an wondered how it would look with more CGI. Puella Magi Madoka Magica movie scene blesses us with such an idea. For the anime to be as big as it is, I’m surprised I never seen this fight in any anime fight rankings. Maybe it’s more hyped in my head, an my idea of a good fight is absurd. But the reason behind this fight, was as meaningful as it was colorful. Everyone’s favorite Magical Girl Mami Tomoe,   who still have her head attached, unlike the version of her in the anime.

This movie takes place after the events in the anime, with Homura realizing she’s trapped in a parallel world. One where Madoka Kaname  gives up her existence an become a goddess to save everyone. Homura whole purpose in life was to save her since the beginning. So she abandons, an turn on everyone to achieve it. Even willing to kill someone who was basically every magical girl mentor. An eventually becomes this,

A demon incarnation from the power she stole from Madoka. This fight was the final stand from Mami to prevent it.

This list is by no means, a list of battles between the side character, an main character, as they battle for supremacy in a flashy showdown. This is more about a climactic battle, with a dramatic meaning. So Sukasuka gets the job done with it’s final episode. This anime isn’t as popular as others, it’s also kinda hard to find. It has several alternative names, Sukasuka, or Worldend: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? Just don’t try to find the anime using them titles. Unless you use the Shuumatsu title goodluck. Before watching the video you have to understand the reasoning. Chtholly a 15 year old leprechaun, falls in love with a human. The only human left in a world full of leprechauns, but they look like this.

As cute as they are, these girls are the ultimate weapons who fear nothing, not even death itself, also they have fairy wings.

The eldest, Chtholly, suffers from a rare disease that makes her memory to start to fade. It was like someone else was taking over her body, as a result her hair started to change to the color of the girl.

In a last ditch effort to prevent Willem from dying with the others, she sacrifices her last remaining memory to save him. That last memory being that he’s the person that she loves. This was her final battle, as a leprechaun to protect him, an the surface world. Although she dies with a smile on her face, this battle practically wiped out the Timere, a race that wiped out humanity.

Just by viewing my page you can tell I’m a avid NGNL fan. Some can argue that Shiro & Sora are reincarnations of Schwi & Riku. I want to bring more awareness to the movie, No Game No Life: Zero. Also to the fact on why the release dates to the anime was pushed back. You can make several assumptions on why. Mainly being how Yuu Kamiya was caught tracing his artwork.

Even with him apologizing, an fixing the artwork the damage was done. Which severely damaged the reputation of the production. Schwi battle against Jibril follows the events before the anime. Back when disboard was a wasteland of corpses, an ashes. We realize Jibril, the narcissist Flugel, wasn’t all talk. Zero paints her to be as monstrous as she says. Hearing about her joke, as she destroyed a city of Elves because she hit her head was one thing. Actually seeing her do it was another.

An Schwi/Shuvi, the wife of Riku, a 211 year old Ex-Machina. To finish their project, Shuvi went to plant their 24th, due to the events of Riku losing his eye, an arm during the 23rd thanks to Shinku, ancestor of Fiel.

Despite Riku plea, an inability to stay awoke any longer. Shuvi left to plant it in his stead. This action leads to her encounter with the Jibril. The youngest, an strongest being of her kind. The emotional battle, as Shuvi says farewell to her husband Riku.

This anime was the prime example of a under appreciated show. One of the few of it’s kind, introducing a meta crossover events of a popular characters. Anime version of Avengers, where Altair is Thanos. Altair sole purpose is to destroy the world that forced her creator to suicide.

This battles pulls no punches, as everyone clash against each other. One side wants to protect the creators, the other wants the creators power. Imagine if every idea, every moment, every story you ever wrote came to life. Would that make you God in their story. How would your character feel when they realize, you’re the one who put them through such trial an tribulations. How would you feel if you met God, Re:Creator explores that concept. Bringing us one of the most broken characters ever created, Altair, who by her own right, was invincible with unlimited abilities that defy both created world an reality. She’s like the Control-Alt-Delete button on a laptop, with no remorse.

The battle follows several clashes surrounding the area. One with Altair finishing off Alicetaria, Selesia struggling against her partner Charon, and Yuya battle against his bestfriend Sho. The main battle against Selesia an Charon was probably the most memorable throughout the anime. Both being apart of the same story but on different sides. Selesia struggles to accept the fact that she has to fight him, as he tries to kill Rui. Desperate she makes the ultimate sacrifice. Re:Creators has a beautiful soundtrack with a heartbreaking story as creations an creators clash off.

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