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How do you watch your anime? Crunchyroll, Funimation, or do you use other sources? I for one like to have an occasional app or two installed. I currently use 4 apk apps, an 3 popular website that provides a variety of ways to watch my favorites. Some give me Movies, others provide me with dubs, or my favorite that give me updated manga releases. It doesn’t hurt being able to enjoy my passion without having to wait 2 weeks to watch it for free. Don’t get me wrong, although I prefer to watch anime for free, if I like it enough, I actively collect every collectible they release for the show. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy your hobbies, rather it’s through Crunchyroll, J-List, or others like Netflix an Hulu. I love the community that follows behind every episode, you a come across some that agree with your opinion, or others that’s the polar opposite of you. I always tend to find my polar opposites, rare I find someone who ever agrees with me. The place where I meet my opposites is through JpAnime

I’ve been using this app for years to replace #Toonmania, an this app is by far one of the best apk anyone can use. This free app comes with one with only one downside. Downloads are saved via app files, an not to your phone itself. So your limited to how much you can download.

Other than that, every anime you can imagine can all be found here. My personal favorite is the reduced amount of ads shoved down our throat. Websites like Kissanime, an GoGoAnime are great. But your constantly forced to Tab-Delete every time you click on a page. New episodes get updated weekly, rather it’s a sub or dub. You get them soon as they’re release to the public.

Also has a filter option to sort through a unlimited amount of content.

The app has gone through several updates to fix many bugs, one mainly being the limited amount of type words one could type. Now there are no such limitations an you could type as much as you want without any moderators. But if you feel like a comment is to much for the chat you can also put a dislike on the comment. That dislike could lead to the comment being remove. Thanks to the update, the amount of spoilers you run into has been severely diminished. If your looking for a convenient app, that allows you to watch whatever, without any ad interruption, ad links that take you to another website, or affiliate products attached everywhere, this is the one for you. I currently still prefer to use this one compared to my other ones. From old to new, from movies to animated clips, if it’s a random anime I have not seen yet, the first app I check is JpAnime.

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