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Earlier I mentioned how much I love heroines with a bit of a twisted personality. It might explain why my ex stabbed me with a Rat Tail Comb, I enjoy the crazy ones. Probably because they don’t ever meet the cliché we’re constantly forced to watch. Their erratic behavior makes them impossible to understand. On top of supporting the MC, we also have to worry about them naturally trying to kill them, or any love interest that comes in a 10 mile radius. Here are 7 from my personal collection, aside from Yuno, and Kurumi.

Anna is one of my favorites on this list. Her exploits throughout the season are as erratic as they come. Originally a naive student president president, until her an Tanukichi shares a first kiss. That kiss proceeds to send her on a lusting rampage, as she attempts to constantly rape him, an kill anyone who gets close to him. Anna makes Shimoneka more enjoyable.

No matter who you ask, everyone favorite yandere in School Days with be Kotonoha. An for good reasons, I mean she sleeps with his head on her private boat. Even cut open Sekai stomach to prove she wasn’t pregnant, all for Makoto. Everyone always ignore Sekai actions beforehand. While watching the anime I couldn’t quite understand why. She pushes her crush into the arms of another girl, an when she realize how much he want’s sex. She tempts him with a kiss. That kiss leads to them just “training” as they have sex everywhere possible. Unable to fully make Makoto hers, she lashes out whenever she see him with another girl. Unable to stop his lustful desires from leaking everywhere, she claims she pregnant in front of the entire clase. Knowing that it would spread throughout the school, just so she could have him to herself. When he returns with Kotonoha, after finally realizing she truely love him. Sekai proceeds to mutilate him endlessly, with a “If I can’t have you, no one will,” mentality. Some argue that unlike Kotonoha, Sekai was just crazy but, love makes you do crazy things. Over, an over, an over again.

If you don’t know who Kaede is, I don’t blame you, Shuffle is a relatively old harem anime. Unlike other harem tropes, Shuffle actually gives us a situation where he chooses a girl to fall in love with choosing the Asa route. I personally would’ve went with Lisianthus for the anime. The God with a Devil split personality would’ve been more interesting. Thankfully I just played the game to enjoy all the routes. Kaede practically tried to kill Rin constantly back when they were kids. Taking her anger out on him because of their parents accident.

She eventually calms down, an becomes Rin personal slave to atone for what she’s done. Rin doesn’t want her to, but by than he’s to afraid of causing her to relapse. Afterwards Rin, and Asa become close, so close that Kaede attack’s her whenever she visits, even going so far as to almost kill her. Kaede was the original Yandere.

Ringo actions sets her apart from other Yandere’s on this list. Her actions resembles Anna’s from the list, but is taken to another level. Ringo has the ability to Transfer Fates. Which means she can directly takes someone else’s line of fate. Rather it’s someone receiving love or saving someone from misfortune. Ringo is infatuated with several characters in Penguindrum. Ringo does whatever it takes to make Tabuki her homeroom teacher fall in love with her. She not only drug Tabuki but also attempts to rape him, while drugged. Playing with fate, she changes the destiny so much that she an Tabuki eventually ends up in a shared apartment, even about to have sex.

Nadeko was just a normal girl until Koyomi came around. Victim to painful snake curse, which intensifies her obsession for Koyomi. After several events after Nadeko learns Koyomi have a girlfriend, her obsession grew, to the point that Nadeko ends up snapping an eating a talisman, an become a Shinto God in the process. I need to find me one of those talismans. With her new found strength, she over powers Koyomi, an tries to kill him for having a girlfriend. Even went as far as to give him a date as to when she gone kill him, “after graduation,” talk about a time limit. If you saw the anime, than you know the first episode depicts a great visual of her killing everyone who comes to fight her. Including Koyomi an Shinobu, which is later thrown away with her being calmed down instead. Such a let down.

  • Akane Hiyama

Akane is a newer edition from Love Tyrant, attempted murder, kidnapping, mutilation, torture, you name it she’s done it, or is willing to do it for her beloved. When Guri tells everyone that her an Seiji kiss, she attempts to kill both of them at that moment. She actually succeeds in almost killing him, but thanks to Guri, although he was stabbed, he became immortal. Still acceptable to pain, that doesn’t stop Akane from inflicting as much as possible. Now she’s willing to kill anyone who will become a potential rival. Imagine not being able to die, but feel the pain of dying, so your yandere girlfriend keeps stabbing you until you act right. True love.

Rory is by far my favorite on this list, an the only reason I can watch Gate several times over. This goth lolita will undoubtedly do what it takes for Itami. Even taking the wounds he taken from a dragon so he wouldn’t die. Being a demi god with the title Rory The Reaper, shows how dangerous she is. Reaching a state of ecstacy whenever surrounded by death. She enjoy killing, as much as she enjoy seducing Itami. Having only 40 years left, until she ascends to become a god, she intends to spend that time with Itami. Unlike the other Yanderes who would kill any Rival, Rory also has a sense of justice. Instead she becomes excessively annoyed whenever he’s around the other girls, or not paying her enough attention. Going as far to almost rape him, just before killing everyone outside for interrupting. In anime at least, in the manga she spends the entire time seducing Itami, that the special forces just wipe each other out.

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  1. Ringo was just highly misunderstood, overall she ends up falling for the MC even though she doesn’t get a happy ending.

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