My Favorite Anime Characters

Ever watched a anime an realize how useless the MC was, I mean utterly clueless, an relied on supporting roles to get them out of tight spots. I honestly enjoy when side characters get so much extra shine, that they’re typically more important. It shows you that even if you don’t feel like a main character in your own story, supporting roles are just as important. Than you come across a overly OP mc who don’t need help from anyone. “Which I don’t count Kirito as a Mary Sue character” As powerful as everyone say he is, he undoubtedly needed help towards the end. Flying solo only last so long. These OP characters are enjoyable to watch, but there’s no sense of danger. You already know their going to beat whatever challenges come they way. Because of this most Mary Sue characters, lack plot because the main focus is all on flashy fight scenes, to make up for the lack of danger. Though I have to admit, I am still excited about One Punch S2 coming out in April. I prefer my main characters somewhere in the middle. Somewhat competent, an reliable, but not Mary Sue strong. Here’s a list of my Top 7 Charismatic Characters, without competence to stand as a Main Character.

Itachi is by far the most bad ass character on this list. Itachi was one of those characters that had to be nerf with plot illness. Like seriously, they can bring Naruto back to life, heal Choji when his heart basically stopped, an revive everyone who died, but couldn’t come up with a cure. Although Itachi simply wanted to die by his brother hands, as a sign of penitence for slaughtering his whole clan. Than afterwards threaten an entire Nation, basically telling them “If anything happens to my brother, I’ll be back” Can you imagine a assassin committing genocide on his own family per Trump orders, than telling him, “I’m leaving my sibling in your country. If you or anyone touch him, I’m nuking Washington,” an they believe it. Some can argue that Itachi was a Mary Sue, but majority of his fights he had Kisame with him. While Naruto features truly Godlike Characters, Itachi is definitely not one of them, even with his Yata’s Mirror, and Sword of Totsuka. I honestly believe anti-heroes are more interesting than actual heroes. Isn’t that why Deadpool is so loved. The man killed his entire clan, than infiltrated the biggest terrorist group, while having the majority of them scared of oppose him. I honestly hope he makes a appearance in Boruto, an Sarada learn more about her dad’s history through him.  

King Gilgamesh is as meta as they come. Narcissistic, egotistical, overbearing, an way over dramatic, sorta like our boss at work. This halve God halve human, play an important role in every Fate Series, even on spin offs. Gilgamesh back story honestly deserves it’s own movie. I’ll summarize, the fossil that was used to summon Gilgamesh was a Eternal Snake fossil. This same snake is the one who drove Gilgamesh to eventually die from Grief, by stealing his immortality elixir from the underworld. He was already suffering from his friend Enkidu’s death caused by the God Ishtar rage, after they slayed the Bull of Heaven (A beast of the Gods, that caused 7 years of famine an the destruction of the planet) because he refused her hand in marriage. He had Gods begging to marry him. Now he wants to recreate the tragic Great Fire to decide who is worthy to live in his new world. The roles he play has a direct impact on every storyline he’s in. This influence, an personality puts him at the top of my list.  

If you don’t know who Sesshomaru is, than we can’t be friends. No really your friend card has been revoke. Unlike his big mouth brother Sesshomaru is ultimately composed, no matter what it is he’s doing. Name meaning the destruction of light, throughout the series he showed almost no interest in what every other Yokai was after. The Shikon no Tama, to enhance their own abilities. That’s like Sasuke saying, “I don’t need the Sharingan, I’ll kill you without it.” Or like being in a steroid boxing league, and still KO everyone it. What interest me more about him, is as callous as he acts, he’s still accepts the company of others. Even a little human girl name Rin who he brought back to life. His only goal is to defeat his OP father. Sesshomaru beauty swayed even Kagura, Naraku’s incarnation. If you can turn the enemies own incarnation against each other, your in a league of your own.


Not much is said about Shanks yet in One Piece anime other than Gol D. Rogers was his captain, so I’ll try not to Spoiler to much. Which is what makes it so un real, that this man was capable of stopping an entire war. His presence alone puts everyone around him to sleep, with only one arm. Can you imagine how powerful you have to be, to be able walk in the middle of a war zone an just make everyone stop. Shanks also foresaw events before the war, warning Whitebeard to call Ace off of Blackbeard. Who was actually the person who gave Shanks the 3 scars on his face. What stands out the most about this man is a saying he was gave. “You can pour drinks on me, throw food at me, even spit on me, an I’ll just laugh it off. But no one hurts a friend of mines.” Which explains why Mihawk apologized after the war for attacking Luffy. Even the Five Elders respected him enough to let him talk to them in private. During the Big Mom arc she states, that she would need her entire military force, an the Elbaf giants, just to subdue Shanks.


You without a doubt, will not meet another character as relatable as Shu Ouma. Ever wondered what character you would fall under if you became an anime character. I don’t mean those who think they would become Mob, Goku, or even Aizen. People go to mainstream when they try find themselves. In a anime story I’ll fall under either 2 characters. Shu or Yuji, (Shakugan no Shana) I can dedicate an entire article on this character. Shu depicts what an actual teenage kid would do in dramatic situations, well him an Yukiteru. (You try being a 14 year old withdrawn, depressed, shy kid with no friends, and a crazy stalker killing everyone because they’re trying to kill you, an see how far you get) Gaining immense power, navigating through romance, experiencing intense loss, going psycho eventually going full tyrant, and redemption willing to sacrifice his own life for the world. Beautiful anime through an through, besides that ending was a total cop out. It was like saying here, now don’t ask us for a season 2, but we’ll give you an unrelated ova. If I were to actually rank my list, he would easily be in my top 2. Mainly because his surroundings actually affected his personality. As the story pace on we get to see him grow with power of the kings. From a low empathic teen, to a kid willing give it all away. He suffered from so much tribulations that I don’t blame him for snapping after Hare’s death. Hell I would’ve been throwing people in holding cells to. A lot of times with only so many episodes in a anime season, we almost never see any real development. He went from a friendless kid, to being a rebel, to having 3 women swooning over him, to flipping personalities completely, to owning to his mistakes an making the decisions he needed to fix them.


King Sinbad is one of those characters who was blessed since a kid. Having to face many hardships he faced them all with a smile. A genuine womanizer, there is not one character with more charisma than him. Spending his youth winning over the enemy. Refusing to let anyone die, he went on to conquer several territories, and dungeons. His entire Kingdom consist of those he went on defeat. With so much power, and cunning that he’s not allowed to gain anymore. Even while being born, he was referred to as a miracle child, that grabbed the attention of the most powerful beings in his world. Not to mention every one of his equips looks badass. With 7 different equips, there’s not many people in the anime who can oppose him, not even the Magi’s. Sinbad deeds spread to the heavens itself, throughout the series, whenever Sinbad was present, you knew that episode was gone be better.


A tall muscular man whose constantly looking to break his limits of strength, an succeeds every time. With a affinity for Darkness, every fight he’s in is as flashy as it gets. Unlike the other’s on the list whose quiet an contempt, Yami would rather destroy first ask later, he’s not really one for subtle. What stands out the most about him for me, is the fact he doesn’t discriminate against anyone. Even when Asta, an Noelle was pretty much abandoned an unwanted, he took them in. Every one on the blackbull is a group of problem children, with some serious traumatizing backgrounds. Seeing the potential in them, making the Black Bulls probably the strongest squad in the series. Having no defeats the entire series, with a few draws. He favors those with power, having the upmost respect from the Magic King. If we’re talking top characters, with rankings alone, Yami has been the top of every JP list since his debut.

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