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  I for one, enjoy a good laugh after seeing a new episode that breaks my heart, cough, cough “Dororo” it gets me everytime. In that aspect Parodies truly shine like no other when it comes to comedic relief. Mainly because Parody genres tend to focus on the joke itself, rathee than any real plot. The goal of a Parody is to make the viewers laugh as much as possible. Sometimes they add goals or agendas, but like a Slice of Life genre, it’s going nowhere. I received several inboxes via Facebook, to do a top 10 Parody post. I tend to stick to 5 or 7 when it comes to recommendations, because I always feel like I’m rambling, an the longer it is, the less detailed it is. Nevertheless, I received this request twice, so here’s 10 of my top parody animes.

You see these characters in every YouTube anime video with a comedic tone. Especially the popular ones, with the excessive non sense going on in the anime, you have a lot of material to work from. You follow the lives of 4 Japanese High School girls. The Mc Izumi is a lazy Otaku, who is honestly one of the funniest characters I seen, as you see her an her friends go through their second an third year of school. What this anime is most famous for is their OP song an video. Which has been used in almost every anime video.  

This is by far the one of my favorite animes that I watched several times. It’s also one of those with more than just 10 Episodes, an one season. With several seasons, tons of Ova, an a movie, this anime shoves non sense hentai jokes down your throat more than actual hentai. Following the student council, of a all girl school-turn co-ed due to a declining birth rate. Seriously the ratio is 28:524 for male to female. A rare guy is forced to join the student council, so the episodes just follow their interactions with the student body. If there is a dirty joke out there to be said, trust me they said it.

Formly known as, My Bride is a Mermaid, is a hidden gem I found. Airing in 2007, the animation is an older style. Story follows Nagasumi who ends up drowning during a vacation. Because of this, he gets saved from a mermaid. Except he wasn’t supposed to know she was a mermaid. He only finds out because she’s a complete airhead. Like the mother of all airheads, all the way up to the end. Since he did find out, he now have to die. So to get out of the predicament, they now find themselves in a arrange marriage. As tense as the plot sound, it’s lighten with the comedic theme, with ridiculous things going on the entire season.

Maria Holic was a anime I did not think I would enjoy. It sat on my recommendations for about 4 years before I actually decided to give it a try since it has 2 seasons. The story follows Kanako who just wants to find true love, in a all girl school. Since men make her break into hives, you would think the anime would take a yuri turn. Except no, it completely take the anime approach instead. Kanako meets Shidou, an she think she found love at first sight. Except that love is a cross dressing boy in a all girl school, who family owns the academy. Because of this Shidou threatens her if she try to expose him, because he has a cross dressing sister, in a all boys academy. Yeah, see why it sat in my recommendations for so long. Despite that, the anime itself is pretty good to the point I binged watched both seasons in a one night.

This anime is very similar to Seitokai No Hanayome, without the dirty jokes. The student counsel is filled with women who are the most popular in school. Except a seat is filled with the top student in school. Ken, a average guy in both grades an sports, studied relentlessly to join that seat, so he can create his own harem. Unfortunately for him, the women doesn’t care for his advances, an prefer to not focus on him. The story follows Ken is conquest at creating his very own harem full of the most popular girls in school, no matter how ridiculous his schemes are.

Yet another one of Fate/Stay spin off series, except this one is 12 episodes of Ova. This anime takes several Characters from Type Moon, an put them in various scenarios. Resolving conflict between spirits with game, an prizes, instead of a Holy Grail war. This anime is a great parody from it’s bloodier counter parts, with an extremely playful tone between all of your favorite spirits. I highly recommend this for Fate Series fans. See how many times Lancer dies.

Outbreak Company is one of those Parodies you didn’t know was a Parody, until you read the genre an it says it. At first glance it feels like a standard Isekai Harem special. Which it is, the story is about a Otaku name Kanou. He’s one through an through, completely shutting himself off from the world for the most absurd reason. Somehow taking a job for another world, he gets transported to a mystical world. This is one of those Parodies that starts off with just comedy, but eventually gets serious, as Kanou faces many challenges. From a kid empress, to ethnic discrimination. His only goal in mind is to create bring Moe to this fantasy world via school system. Yeah Japan decided to use manga as a source of exchange. The story tackles many situations throughout the series, as he tries to change the Kingdom way of life.

This is a anime I watched, an tried my best to ignore the Mc. Probably one of the worse Mc I ever seen. In fact, I plan on making another list with awful Mc characters just because of him. Mahiro, the Tsundere Mc, gets attacked by a monster, just before Nyaruko, a silver hair beauty saves him. She tells him she’s a shape shifting deity, an because of this, the romance of the story never progress. Mainly because he thinks the body she’s wearing is fake, an she’s actually a creature with 1000 eyes an arms. After she saves him, she falls madly in love with him an force her way into his home. Eventually 2 others come to join, as he reluctantly tries to enjoy his school days, with 3 eccentric aliens.

The season to this anime just finished, an each episode is as non sense as the last one. Ueno, a third year, is in love with the concept of love. She’s a mad genius, who can invent practically anything. One episode she makes use of a black hole for her skirt. Throughout the season Ueno uses her inventions to grab Tanaka attention. In any perverted manor she can think of, usually involving her underwear, or some form of her bodily fluid. Each episode is fairly short, but it gets the job done in each one. Leaving the final episode kinda unsatisfying, leaving Tanaka as your generic dunce. Each episode was a new experience when it comes to Parodies.

A parody list is not complete without Konosuba, this anime is literally the Parody that made me realize I’ve been watching Parodies this whole time. Everything about this anime is one big joke, an I’m honestly pretty ecstatic that a movie was announced later this year. Kazuma a shut in neet, tries to heroically save a girl who he thought was about to be ran over. Turns out, it was no more than just a tractor, an he dies from shock due to it. There he meets an obnoxious Goddess name Aqua, an she gives him a choice to either reincarnate, or go to heaven. If he reincarnates, he gets one wish before he gets there to become a hero. After several provocations from the Goddess, he decides, he’s going to take her, unfortunately, she’s useless. Honestly one of the best anime I seen when it comes to comedic relief. As he surrounds himself with women he can never rely on. If you have not seen this anime, what are you doing with your life, you had 3 years to watch it since it’s been released.

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