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Like many other’s, I kinda wasted my school life experience. I spent my time playing hooky, while others was becoming more an more inseparable. The concept of love was everywhere, an on everyone’s mind. So I often find myself trying to find anime with a school life experience. Love, drama, friendship, it’s an experience to what could have been. Unfortunately, most anime that give that experience all follow the same theme, an concept. After so many times, it becomes bland. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed them, but they didn’t stand out enough to grab my attention to make the list. 3 anime come to mind, Ookami Shoujo, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, and Special A. As much as I love the dashing prince, who have the entire student body fawn over them, while at the same time having the heroine who doesn’t necessarily want him, end up with him. Not to mention the heroines all look, and act alike. So I created a list of 12 total anime. 6 stand alone shows, and 6 stand alone movies. These unique finds will be worth every second watched.

At the top of my romantic list is Kokoro Connect. Unlike most generic anime that follow the harem like trend, or one that never follow through with the Mc picking a partner. The Mc in this particular anime not only chooses a partner, but also leads us to an emotional confession with an unbelievable plot twist. Kokoro Connect follow 5 unusual students, who each has their own troubling past. To add insult to injury, they’re now plague with a scenario of supernatural events, from body switching, impulsive behaviors, an random mind reading, that’s bent on tearing each member down. One of the few anime’s with a beautiful ending I don’t mind. An I don’t say that lightly, as each member comes to terms with their weaknesses.

This anime has a Plastic Memory vibes. By that I mean you know it’s going to be a sad ending. As the story begins at a heartbreaking funeral, an the Mc refusing to believe she’s gone. So once the story actually starts, you can tell it’s not going to end well. As most stories leaves you guessing, Let Me Eat Your Pancreas, do not hide the fact that she eventually has to die, what draws your attention is the emotion story following. Just like most generic love stories, the Mc is a introvert without any friends. So he force himself to believe that he doesn’t need any. That was until he met her, a girl who force her presence on his life. Imagine being so self close that you ignore all life, only for your true love to tear that wall down. Only to lose her, an not in the way you thought you would. But as a result the Mc decides to live his life up to her standard. I dare you to watch this, an not shed not one tear.

  I can only imagine how it feels to fall in love with someone whose naturally, just more gifted than you are. No matter how much you stride or achieve, they are just on another level compared to you. Sakura no Pet, explorers that situation. The story revolves around the students in Sakura Dormitory. It host the strangest, an most trouble making students, an the Mc is just one of them. Being kicked out of a normal dorm for keeping a stray cat. As a result he’s forced to move into Sakura dorm, where he meets Mashiro Shiina, a fanous artist, who for the most part, can not take care of her own daily life. Sorata is forced to become her handler, as a result he becomes infatuated with the idea of her. After some time passed, the feeling becomes mutual as it becomes apparent that she doesnt want to live without him. As stated earlier, falling in love with someone whose more capable than you are, when everything you do is repeatedly turned down, will start to test just how much you really care for someone. This story is amazing at exploring the romance surrounding it’s tenants.

  You could either watch the movie, or follow the anime, when it comes to this story. Unlike the other recommendations, this story revolves around a group of students, who struggles to confess their love. It begins as Natsuki confesses to her love first. Only to deny it afterwards, an call it just a practice. Reminds me of School Days, when Sekai was just “practicing” the entire classroom honestly has feelings for each other, but no one knows how to express it. Mainly following Nasuki, and Yu, as they struggle to understand each other feelings. In terms of complicated romance stories, this is at the top of my list.

  Shizuku Mizutani, absolutely has no interest in anything in life. Only thing she would ever bother with is studying, an her plans for the future. You would think romance would be the farthest from her mind. That was until she meets Haru Yoshida, a boy who almost never attends school. Almost immediately after Haru meets Shizu, he declares his love for her. Haru is renowned as a uncontrollable monster, mainly because of his freakishly brute strength, not to mention he jumps out of a window soon as he see’s Shizu. My Little Monster, shows us a perfect story behind socially awkward beings, an how they help each other open up more in terms of making other friends, an with family.

  This is one of those anime stories, you hear an see everywhere. It’s widely popular no matter who you talk about it with. Following Mitsuha Miyamizu, who is insanely bored with her country life, an just wants to be a handsome boy in her next life. Yes, every girl wet dream, comes true as she switches body intermittently with Taki, a high school boy. They communicate with one another by writing messages on paper, phones, sometimes on each other skin. Mitsuha causes him to develop a relationship with his coworker Miki, while Taki causes her to become popular in school. I needed him in my high school life. One day the body switching stops, an Taki memory of Mitsuha disappears as he tries to locate her. Taki finds Mitsuha town, only to find it destroyed, with Mitsuha name as a fatality. As if it wasn’t supernatural enough, Taki realizes that their timelines were separated by 3 years. Taki end up trying to warn her an her town by reconnecting with her body. Imagine falling in love with someone, but you just can not remember their face or name. Honestly one of my top recommended anime, that will always be my first mention.

  Honestly this anime is very generic, an resembles not only the Monogatari series but also Charlotte. But that alone isn’t enough to make me dislike something. The actual story is insanely compelling, as we follow Sakuta and Mai relationship. The two struggle as they try to make their love real. Which starts as Mai dresses like a bunny girl, wandering around trying to get someone to finally see her. Another Adolescent story, Mai presence was being erased, but for some reason Sakuta was able to see her. Now the story never states why he was able to, nor does it state why he was unaffected by the other girls adolescents either. Sakuta becomes surrounded by several strange adolescents, as he solves each girl issue.

  Naho Takamiya, a second year, receives a letter from herself 10 years into the future. Her future self ask her to prevent her biggest regret. This regret involves a transfer from Tokyo name Kakeru Naruse. This letter, shows her steps on how avoid this regret, yet each time, it seems like fate is putting everything back in place. As the letter explicitly tells her not to invite Kakeru to go out on the first day, her friends decide to do so anyway, which leads to him not attending school for almost 2 weeks. After further reading the letter, Naho learns that Kakeru has commited suicide in the same year he enrolls. Eventually Naho learns of Kakeru home issues. As the story progress more people receives a letter, on how to save Kakeru. This love story on how Naho saves Kakeru, but as a result, entirely change her own future.

Another classic, that’s widely known. Following Kraft Lawrence, a 25 year old merchant who peddles various goods. His main goal is be able to stop at a town of Pasloe. He eventually meets Holo, a 600 year olf wolf deity, who takes the form of a 15 year old girl. She ask Kraft if he can take her to her homeland called Yoitsu. Holo is extremely knowledgeable on how to increase his profits, so she bargained her way out of the village using Kraft. While exploring Holo true nature start to draw unwanted attention from the church. Holo starts to become aware that she’s in love with Kraft during their travels. What I love most about this series is that it depicts them settling down, an even having a daughter, who also gets her own light novel sequal, Wolf and Parchment.



 A 15 year old aspiring shoemaker, skips his first class to sketch shoe designs in a garden. There he see a 27 year old women skipping work. When Yukino notice his uniform, she leaves him with Tanka. They begin to occasionally meet, an socialize on rainy days. But they never introduce themselves. Yukino express interest in Takao’s shoemaking. He decides to make her a pair, but when the rainy season ends, he stops going to the park. Takoe spots Yukino, but learns that she’s the target of bullying. Because of this she quits her job eventually. This story is a forbidden love between a student an a teacher.

  Just Because! Is one of those cliché, first girl romance I despise. Despite that, personal feelings aside, I can’t deny the story that this anime tells. As another school year come to a end. Following the graduation of the third years, mainly around the love torn Mio Natsume. Eita has always loved Mio, but she in returned ignored him for his friend Haruto, who in returned loved someone else. Confuse yet, I promise it make’s more sense than it seems. The love spiral out of control when Ena has a faithful encounter with Eita who falls madly in love. Throughout the season you can see glimpse of a love bonding between the two, as Eita is capable of being himself around her. In fact throughout the story you would assume how the story would go, but she’s just a plot device to get Mio emotions moving. Which leaves a bittersweet feeling towards the end. As new connections are formed, deeply buried emotions, an inspired new passions. Not to mention that the story doesn’t hide the bond between anyone to find out later. Just Because! Shows a great perception between how much drama romance can come with. 

  5 Centimeters Per Second is a 3 episode story, that’s centered around a boy name Takaki Tono. In episode 1 Takaki befriends Akari, who transfer to his elementary school, the two quickly becomes close friends. Akari eventually moves away, causing the two to write letters to each other. Due to various situations, Takaki, and Akari shares their first kiss, only after realizing they would never see each other again. Years pass in 2nd episode that shows another love interest, but more of a unrequited love. Kanae who realize Takaki is still madly in love with Akari. 9 years later in the third installment, Akari is now about to get married to another man. Takaki is now in a relationship, but is still madly in love with Akari. Enough that it controls his day to day lifestyle. This puts a end to his current relationship, even quitting his job. This is mainly a story of love that just wasn’t meant to be.  

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  1. I hate how short your list be. You should double the amount you put, I be needing more than a average of 7 to 12 recommendations.

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