14 Perverted Heroines

Ideal Women

Throughout the years we’ve ventured into several heroines, who personality is no different than a old perverted man. I’m talking smelling your underwear, stealing nude pictures of you, or simply consistently trying to deflower an innocent young man. Anime have a way of exaggerating women from men. Most men be more spoken, with outrageous behaviors. Usually ends there, while women actions are extremely more closer to crossing the line, unless we’re talking hentai. Rather it’s drugging you, walking in on you taking a shower, or throwing themselves on you, they give the phrase, having no shame a new meaning. So we decided to create a list with 14 of my personal favorite ideal women. I’ll be keeping out other characters who have already made an appearance in our other post. To shed light to some other heroines, putting them in our spotlight of shame. Meaning Characters from Highschool DxD, Shimoneta, Haiyore, Yakuindomo, & several others will not be added this time.

Unbreakable Machine Doll

I decided to put Yaya first on the list because personally, I love her character. Her love, an dedication to protect Raishin is genuine to the point, she would cry for days until he returns. Throughout the series she’s constantly throwing herself on him, an consistently ask to smell his underwear whenever he’s been out with another women, just before throwing a tantrum. Being a doll, make her love a taboo, although she looks an act human, she isn’t one. Thankfully for her he see’s dolls as just another human, with supernatural abilities.

To Love Ru

This was honestly a tough choice between her or Nemesis. Ultimately decided to choose Momo, due to the fact that she’s trying to create a harem specifically for Rito. Momo only show her peverted side to Rito, to others she’s just a kind sweet girl. You would usually catch Momo sneaking into his bed, halve naked, having her way with him while he’s sleep. What stands out with her is that she doesn’t really care, rather she’s the only one or not. She prefers him to have multiple lovers to increase her ecchi fantasies with him.


You will undoubtedly never find a character more perverted than Chizuru. Being a fox deity she has no shame, in terms of how far she’s willing to go. Rather it’s in the middle of the street, in a classroom full of kids, in front of her brother, during a fight, or even while he’s sleep. She is willing to strip naked, an force her way on him. She does it so much that the series become Borderline Hentai in her conquest to deflower him.

Majikoi Oh! Samurai Girls

Miyako is a under valued pervert. Meaning she belongs perfectly on this list, but not many people watched this anime. Her affection started when Naoe saved her from bullies as a kid, giving her a reason to live. Her bullying was extremely bad, due to her mother. I’m talking everyone around her trying to convince her to kill herself. This plus she was always interested in the Kazuma family. (Naoe Family) This attraction eventually turns into a deep seated lust for him. Unfortunately she is seen as nothing but a platonic friend.

Recently, my sister is unusual

A ghost/angel, who came back from the dead just to sexually abuse Yuuya.  She does this by taking over his sister’s, Mitsuki body to make her advancement. Having no memory, all she knows is that she wants to reach heaven to reach eternal peace. To reach heaven, she has to fill the chasity belt. To fill this belt, she has to do a series of perverted things to Yuuya, or to Mitsuki herself.

Testament of the Devil New Sister

I’m pretty certain Maria was supposed to be featured in Hentai series, probably Muma no Machi Cornelica. Maria feeds off of lewd situations, an enjoy recording them moments for her studies. She even used her powers to put them under the Master Servant Pack. Since it was by a Succubus, her spell put them under a aphrodisiac. Take Maria out of the series an honestly the ecchi would never exist.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr

Kazumi is a psychologically scarred magician who starts off as a tsun. She eventually becomes more dere, an in the process more sexually aggressive towards Ryouta. She attempts to seduce, an force him into having sex with her on multiple occasions with no restraint. Though in her case, this was the only way she could show her feelings towards him. This aggression also shows towards her jealousy towards any other girls in the series. What sets Kazumi apart from other girls on this list, is that she actually admits to wanting to bear his child. This child would be proof that she lived.

Problem Children

It’s nothing like a perverted demon loli. She created a gift specialize for Black Rabbit to just barely let people see up her mini skirts. From her perspective she believes imagining the good parts is better than random fan service. To this end she forces Black Rabbit into several revealing outfits laced with her new gift. Shiroyasha personality is more towards dressing women up in skimpy outfits against their will, or a good fondle with the girls in Black Rabbits community.


Rather than being just perverted, Kiriha takes being eccentric to another level. If she isn’t eating pudding, than usually somewhere naked, sexually molesting Kazuya. I’m pretty sure they do the deed multiple times. Kiriha done forced a God to scrub his genitals, or even just launder around him brazenly. Loyal to a fault, she only disclose herself in skimpy outfits to him alone. Because of this she has zero shame around the house, an forces him into several scenarios that usually ends indecent, or just her hands around his genitals.

Maria Holic

The biggest perverted lesbian you would find in recent anime. Detesting men due to her childhood trauma, she breaks into hives whenever one touches her. Enrolling into her parents school so she could find love, she ends up looking for it rather aggressively. Prone to nosebleeds she isn’t your average pervert. Surrounded by women, she’s usually stealing her classmates underwear, or plotting events that would lead to her being able to take advantage of someone. Getting nosebleeds whenever she fantasizes about someone, she gets them so much that she starts eating raw liver to counteract it.


After their parents died, the siblings was sent to live apart from each other. Separated for 6 years, her love for her brother Akito has grown to a unnatural state. She has no regrets in her love, an makes no effort to deny or hide it in any situations. It’s so intense that, her decease mother even claimed that once Akiko learns the truth about Akito, she would undoubtedly sexually rape him.

Date or Live

Origami is the submissive pervert, who can also come off as eccentric, being that she’s willing to do things in front of others that would shock everyone around her. She’s also a blatant stalker, an a aggressive one at that. Origami has gone through alot with Shido, because of this she becomes dependent on him. Her actions limited compared to others on the list, but she still has done a number of things in her pursuit for intimacy. From sniffing his gym shorts, to forcibly mounting him on multiple occasions, even after being severely injured.

Seikon No Qwaser

When someone says BDSM I think of Hana. Unlike Kirika from (Cube x Curse x Curious) who uses BDSM for her abilities, Hana uses it for pure enjoyment. Being a 15 year old school girl, you wouldn’t expect her to actually be a masochistic, pedophilia, lesbian, who just so happened to also have Stockholm Syndrome. Lusting over a 11 year Ekaterina. Hana enjoyed Ekaterina physical abuse so much that she gained BDSM-related skills, as a personal slave. Who would’ve expected this from a teenage delinquent.

Senran Kagura

Despite some of the obvious choices to put on this list, I decided to end it with Katsuragi. If you believe others deserve the spot, I implore you watch Senran Kagura. Katsuragi only hobby can be described as being a perverted old man, declaring herself the Queen of Boobs. Giving Issei a run for his money, with her excitable personality. Though this strong perversion is to hide her sorrow for her parents. Katsuragi eventually creates a paradise where all women do her bidding, where everyone with boobs is ruled by her alone. Being one of the few to actually in fact, obtain her every sexual desire.


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