King Of Magic

King Solomon


Solomon really takes many people by surprise, especially anime only watchers. Since all that’s really made clear is that he’s the end boss. Not really any foregoings on when, or how he appears. You just get random scenes with him on the throne. Unless you played the game, Fate/Grand Order, you don’t really know much about him. Well he’s easily the top servant in all of the series, even the Divine Gods or Top 7 Servants (each class has a representative servant that surpass the others) pale in comparison. Though the anime only shows Goetia, his Demonic Counterpart.


Solomon Wisdom

Solomon actual history predates to 990 BCE, son of King David, Fun Fact: Star of David is named after him. Solomon would eventually take over an become the next King of Israel. With over 700 Royal wives, an 300 concubines, he only manages to have 3 children. Many of his concubines were foreigners, who would later split his kingdom in two. Solomon was the head of 48 Prophets, and 7 prophetesses of Judaism. Once the 1st century Apocryphal is established, The Testament of Solomon would later become the subject of many anime lore. Even appearing in the New Testament of Jesus. In fact, major series that involves magicians would use this Testament as the beginning of how magic started.


Solomon legends reaches deep within the community, one of my favorites being Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. Which is based on the story, One Thousand and One Nights. Which speaks of a Genie who angered Solomon, so he locked in a bottle with his seal. Who would later be freed by a fisherman, an was forced to travel the world looking for other Seals of Solomon. Most of his medallions are still talked about, an used as lore material, as items that carries vast potential.

Other Legends

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  • Seal of Solomon
  • Solomon & Asmodeus
  • Angels
  • Book of Deadly Names
  • The Palace without Entrance
  • Throne Legends
  • Free Mason

Fate Lore

Most legends has a Dark version to it, Solomon Apocryphal is no exception. Solomon sent out an army of demons to find a virgin who fled from him. Majority of his legends speaks of him controlling demons, others him being a demon himself. Type Moon, uses the Old Testament as their source material.

Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order Anime

Ars Nova

Solomon is a Grand Caster summoned by Marisbury Animusphere, during the First Fuyuki Holy Grail War. Who would later win, an use his first Noble Phantasm, Ars Nova. This Phantasm is the Legend of which Solomon’s, first an only act as a human hero. He returned his 10 rings back to the heavens. This Phantasm is in short, him letting go, an getting rid of every medallion, magecraft, miracle, and accomplishment he ever obtained. Which is extremely vast amount that surpasses even Gilgamesh. He returns God’s Gift, and losses his Clairvoyance, resulting in his death. As described Solomon legend is the very birth of magic. So in case magic was to ever become evil, his death would mean the end of the 72 Demon Gods, an even the erasure of the Throne of Heroes. Every miracle, mention, or even concept he brought forth would have never existed. Although this didn’t particularly erase him from existence, it erased the need to involve him any farther. There was no longer any need to defeat him, to seek him, his death was no longer the sought out, his accomplishments was no longer the pinnacle of magic. With this even the Throne Of Heroes was no longer needed. Every Hero was released from Duty. Solomon would send his last actual ring to the future, so Goetia was unable to know the True Name of his Noble Phantasm, thus making him unable to cancel it’s effect, when he would eventually use it.



Goetia Human Form

Goetia is the personification form of Solomon’s 72 Demons he released, due to his Noble Phantasm. Contrary to their name, these demons were actually a system created by Solomon. This system was to promote proper reason with humans. They were to properly look after mankind after his death. But like all systems created with benevolence, they start to despise humans because of their relationship with their creator. Similar to Lucifer, they began to rage effectively becoming a curse to conquer humans instead. The system would eventually gain it’s own will due to the imperfections of humans, an turn into a Incineration Ritual. It’s goal is to obtain True Enlightenment, an reach the Origin, using human history as a stepping stone.

Purpose In Life

After Solomon uses Ars Nova, these demons awakened from within his corpse, with their own ideology, took his name, took on adventure to turn mankind into energy. Thus Goetia turned Solomon’s corpse into it’s nest, an resumed activity as Solomon. Similar to Obito pretending to be Madara, after his death. Without the whole, you know, living inside his corpse. Each demon has their own personality, so when talking to someone a specific demon comes forth to converse. That’s 72 different personalities in a single body. Goetia is indeed almighty, so mighty he forces the universe’s logic to obey him. Goetia feels nothing but animosity towards Solomon. Solely because he feels Solomon pointlessly created them to watch over mankind. He believed mankind can only suffer until their deaths. Since Solomon failed to correct humans, they felt it was necessary to call forth the extinction of mankind, since they had no value to life. Although being omnipotent, Goetia still couldn’t exist without humans. the sole and greatest “waste of resources” in this universe – despite being life forms of a higher dimension. Goetia could not accept these contradictions and unfaithfulness, and set out on a quest of reach the apex. This apex would be a quest that Solomon himself couldn’t reach, becoming the sole existence of the universe. Reset their existence to serve humans, an for instead all life serve them. In short, becoming the One True God.


Goetia would eventually ultimately take on the name, Solomon, after becoming a single form. This form would label themselves as the King Of Magecraft. He would began to create Holy Grails, an turn them into Singularities, that distorts human history. Which makes him the sole reason Mash, embarks on her journey with her Master/Senpai. He would than create mages with the purpose of turning into Demons. (Lev Flauros being one) These mages would detonate at 7 cornerstone points, an end mankind in 2016. Fun Fact: Zouken Matou grandfather of Shinji, and Sakura, serves him.


Once Fugimaru defeat Nicola Tesla, and Altoria Alter (Alter form of King Arthur) Solomon appears with 4 Demon Gods. He immediately defeats, Shakespeare, Kintoki, Tamamo no Mae, (Hurts my heart to even say) an nearly killed Mordred just before she was saved by Anderson. Who would later also be killed. After this he withdrew from battle seeing Chaldea as just a pebble with no real threat. Goetia would later confront Fujimaru, at the Time Temple, in which he attempts to Kill him, but is blocked by Mash. She would eventually defeat his Grand Caster Solomon form, in which he than turns into his Demonic Form, Goetia. Goetia tries to convince Mash to join him, since he sympathizes with her, but she firmly rejects his offer, seeing that she saw great potential in humans, while he only saw them as inferior beings. He uses his Noble Phantasm: Ars Almadel Salomonis on Fujimaru. Mash in turns blocks it with her Phantasm: Lord Camelot, but the price of this was her own life.



Huge Spoiler Ahead, on top of the bombshell that was just dropped

After Mash death, Goetia sympathizes with Fujimaru, an allows him to punch him, though he explains that both of them would he destroyed when that happens. Just before he can Romani Archaman interferes. An reveal that he’s the real Solomon, which disgusts Goetia. Goetia prepares to kill Romani, expressing that he’s to late to stop him, just before he can, Romani uses Ars Nova, removing Goetia immortality. This enrages Goetia, an he attempts to finally kill everyone. He was dealt the final blow by Fujimaru command spells, thanks to Romani sacrifice. With that the collapse of the Demon God Pillars, & Time Temple began. During Fujimaru escape, Goetia appeared again in front of him in human form, to stop his escape so they could perish together. Goetia, now mortal finally comes to an understanding with humans, saying he now understands why Romani sacrificed himself. Goetia uses the last spark of his life he has to finally kill Fugimaru. Stating as he vanishes “That brief life of humans is actually surprisingly interesting.”


  • Staring in his eyes sends your soul to a purgatory that he created.
  • His gaze forces Servants to drown in sorrow about their failes past.
  • Immortality
  • All of Solomon Skills & Phantasm, besides revelation.
  • Territory Creation
  • High Speed Incantation
  • Item Creation
  • Able to Summon 72 Demon Gods
  • Nega-Summon that cancels all Phantasms except Ars Nova.
  • 9 Solomon Rings, because the 10th one is mia in the future.
  • Clairvoyance