Final Fantasy XV Review

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King Noctis

It seems like no matter who you ask, everyone’s favorite Final Fantasy game will be VII, an for good reasons to. Mainly being,

No, than probably just mines. Besides that, the storyline with VII is so compelling that it’s considered a masterpiece.

VII Rating

XV rating

So it goes without saying which game is superior fan base wise. But that doesn’t say XV doesn’t enlighten us to new story with both old an new controversy. Although I’m a raging Square Enix fan, from Just Cause to Tomb Raider. This company just can’t do wrong to me. Though some games are extremely rushed, you can tell this company cares about the actual story, an plot vs just hacking an slashing like you average Dynasty Warriors. (Which 9 sucks) You can get it for about 15 bucks now.

Join Prince Noctis, an his 3 companions (Gladio, Ignis, Prompto) as you set off to save nothing. Yes nothing. Whatever it is he was trying to save, he fails in every aspect. Sorta like Subaru, without the constant dying.

Don’t believe me, than watch Kingsglaive, an watch how fast the Kingdom falls. Speaking of Kingsglaive, if you have not seen it, lore wise I highly recommend it. Lucis literally fell overnight to the Kingdom, this overpowering entity, which makes you wonder, where was this kingdom in the game. Game wise we saw a battered Kingdom by demons, while Noctis is shipped away so he doesn’t become victim. He gets to watch his father, lover, citizens, country, the neighbor country, an even his life slips beyond his grasp without ever fully obtaining it. Yes, there are side stories with good ends, but the main story isn’t a happy end. Even if you win the final battle, when you realize what you sacrifice to get there, you lost the war.


XV set you off at the ending of the conflict as you struggle against Ifrit.

It took me a few days to 100% complete the game, but the main story can be finished with less than a day. Final Fantasy showed glimpse of the real time combat experience in XIII, but it was still limited a turn base mechanic, with us still being force to take blunt attacks. XV do away with all that, adding the feel to do combat with your ai controlled friends, who actually participate in battle. Hopefully you focus on building them up, or your stuck constantly healing them with potions, an warping in an out of battle. Being able to teleport virtually anywhere doesn’t hurt neither. After the second halve of the game, you can kindly kiss the open road adventure bye-bye. As the main story force you to quest that meets it’s agenda. Especially in chapter XIII, which was considered the Dreaded, Loathed, Chapter. For good reasons, this chapter was so bad that Square Enix was forced to redesign it. I personally didn’t mind having a OP death Ring that made everything explode.

Noctis adventure honestly is as dark as it get for a Final Fantasy character. You spend a good majority of your time trying to save your beloved Luna, to make it to a wedding that sort of just get forgotten about. An when you reunite with her finally, it was just meh. So when the leviathan fight took place, you would assume that they would share a heart to heart moment, only for this to happen.

I honestly couldn’t make heads or tails on rather Ardyn was friend or foe, XV does a terrible job at explaining. I can tell you what Gladiolus favorite burger was, but couldn’t tell you what the hell was going on with Ardyn. Even after a beautiful city is submerged under water, it wasn’t until I saw this was when I decided, I’m going to kill this prick.

The scene itself was beautiful, but the usefulness of Noctis was once again staggered. Throughout the story, only thing that he was able to maintain was his bromance. Because Lucis was definitely not on that list. Honestly the story itself is a clusterfuck of WHAT!!!!?!!??? I waited 10 years for this. Just going on about the consistent plot holes, I’m pretty impressed about how many there are. Actually here go a few.

  • Clarus

How many people knew Gladio, an Iris father played in Kingsglaive. He was actually a fellow companion to King Regis. Yet, despite how important he is, they were more concerned about the servant. Let’s hope a XV-2 comes out an he’s more prominent.

  • Cor

If my memory is right, Cor was supposed to be a more highlighted character. Who slays demons, with a main enemy in Loki, in fact what the hell happened to Loki. Anyone who knows please comment. It all just get ignored. He even trained Iris to fight demons, thankfully in the DLC we can witness it. But the core game is left without. Which is probably why it’s $10 now. While after your first base conquer, it’s stated that he was supposed to re join you in the final battle. Spoiler alert: He Doesn’t.

  • Inconsistencies

Although in the revamp version of the game some things come to light. For the most part these characters background makes absolutely no sense. In fact Glauca who actually fought 2 wearers of the ring was never mentioned again. Anyone knows why Aranea went AWOL an joined us. When you first played the game, did you even know she joined us. Or why the Kingdom went from trying to subdue Lucis, to uh the Astrals. We can assume Arydn, but that’s just taking a guess. Even Ravus who clearly has a disdain for Regis, has a change of heart. Like yeah, let me hate you my whole life, than wake up the next morning wanting to help you. But again, thanks to the DLC that you can pay extra for, flesh out many of these inconsistencies. So let’s pay $60 for a incomplete game at the time. Only to pay another $60, for another version of the same game.


You get a huge taste in combat during the boss fight when you fight Aranea.

If you utilize the parry an warping mechanics, the fight takes you airborne with her. Which is truly a sight to behold. After watching several YouTube videos, I realize no one really realize what you can really do in combat. Which is why I enjoy Square Enix games, they drop easter egg combos everywhere. Like when fighting Adamantoise.

This boss fight takes literally days to complete, if you have an outside life. Thankfully this behemoth does little damage, but so does you. To his endless supply, your a tick trying to draw enough blood to kill a Dinosaur.

If you utilize the parry, warping skill you can unleash hidden team attacks.

An marvel at the beauty of the scenery at the same time. Each boss has it hidden easter egg attack, rather it’s a team attack or a single pile drive from midair, it become highly addicting an non repetitive. Unlike it’s predecessors for the new gen folks. But, like it’s predecessors, XV keeps the summons with a even more graphic feeling. Seriously, the 4k graphics looks astonishing.

Make me feel like I can summon Ramuh myself. And if you didn’t get goosebumps summoning Bahamut, than please reevaluate your life choices, an seek counseling. In XV you focus less on summons, an magic unfortunately, an more on actual combat skills. Which makes sense, Noctis isn’t a magician, he’s a knight. So XV does a decent job at keep up with Relevancy. Where the game lacks in linear story progression patched with DLC’s an constant updates, it makes up for it through combat.

Final Verdict (3/5)  Shop Below

Although the game itself is enjoyable, you can’t ignore the fact that storyline wise the game was a hot mess. When it comes to video games, I need a consistent plot, or I’m just button mashing. Which is why I love anime, you get to enjoy a story behind intense fight you can’t get with movies. How many movie’s can replicate the Obito vs Kakashi fight. The meaning behind the fight is what makes it desirable. Without the patch the game left no real meaning behind your endless combat, an tiresome car rides. But let’s be honest the flying car look sick.

Thankfully unlike most games, this is pretty obtainable, that even I was able to quickly get it, and I suck at puzzles. This wouldn’t be my first recommended Final Fantasy game to newcomers. But it is one I would suggest trying out. Especially now since most of the things I ranted about was patched. Square Enix, a company that cares. With the review coming to a end here are 3 of my favorite Games + Anime of the week. (Not subjected to new releases.)

With the release of 4, which I haven’t fully completed yet, this game still is my favorite. Like if GTA, and Saints Row had a kid. That kid would be Just Cause. With nothing but explosions, gliding, an leading the resistance to victory. Just Cause 3 is as addicting as it comes. Obtain the Eden Spark, an control the world. Which the entire map is insanely massive, from land, air, an even sea. The war never ends.

Want to know what type of games are my favorite, just play Monster Hunter an find out. As you cut down an endless beast amount of beast. It’s just something about building my own character an making the impossible possible that excites me. Even better that this game price is dropping constantly.

Ever wrote a story, an wondered how the characters in your story actually felt. I don’t mean felt as in how you made them feel, I’m talking actually free will feel. In your stories you are God, an as a God, we tend to get pretty violent in our stories. We get vengeful, wrathful, an as a writer myself, with my personality, I tend to make my characters go through some deep torment. Now imagine what them characters would say to you if they met their God. What would you say if you got to meet your God. Re: Creators takes a jab at that situation, as a world of God’s have their stories come to life. Join the Mc, as a mysterious vengeful women, brings authors creation to life’s.

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SAO Fatal Bullet Review

Phantom Bullet Arc

Don’t Attack Me Just Yet

From SAO Infinity Moments to Hollow Realization. So far I’ve only completed 5 of the main games (Infinity Moments, Hollow Realization, Hollow Fragment, Lost Song, and Fatal Bullet) an 4 of the cooperative games (Dengenki Bunko, God Eater 2, Accel World, & Digimon Stories) but after recently reaching level 200 on Fatal Bullet decided it was time to give an honest review.

As a personal preference of someone who prefers shooting games, compared to slashing your way through an obstacle of mountain size beast. I was prepared to spend countless hours sniping my way through dungeons. Since the Phantom Bullet Arc, wasn’t entirely one of my favorite arcs, I was pretty ecstatic at the fact that we could ignore it altogether. As you nerve dive online with all of your favorite characters. Keeping with the same concept of picking a team to run with, mines consisted of Sinon, my AI, and the lovely Strea.

Thanks to the DLC your able to use other Arc characters, Mothers Rosario, Alternative, & Alicization. Of course you have to pay for them, to play their story + new dungeons.


You start off as a newbie gunner, with your friend Kureha (personally is a very weak heroine) who sets off to conquer the online world. Well not exactly, though it would’ve been a better plot than the run around Fatal Bullet gives us. You get cornered an extremely lucky on your first quest an unlock a humanoid AI ArFA-sys, who just want’s to act more human. Afterwards the plot drags, an drags, an drags, an suddenly you just say screw it, an randomly re do the same dungeon about 20x until your strong enough for the next one. (Rinse-Wash-Repeat)

If you steamroll it, the main plot could be completed in roughly a day, which is as bad as an idea as it is to skip character cinematic scenes, or not only will you miss key details, but certain actions changes the next scene. Like in one scene it shows the main villain kicking everyone out of the server, or it would show you just being forcibly ejected without knowing why, if you just skip the scenes an not dialogue with them. In fact skipping scenes make you miss the true ending, an force’s you to make the hard decision at the end, “which friend do I kill off.” As you play as a separate character from Kirito, as in other games you played as Kirito with a different avatar. This game focuses on a bitter rivalry between you an Kureha, except you know nothing of this rivalry until she tries to shoot you in the face. As you progress insanely fast, compared to her, you leave everyone you in the dust as you become the top player in GGO. Those around you become jealous, others become obsessed.

Thanks to this Nutball, after countless grinding, hours of maxing out the affection rate of all your favorite characters, and building the ultimate team. You face a situation you can’t fix or beat on your first run, (unless you watch YouTube videos on how to) than every first timer will be faced with a hard choice that they trick you into making. Since I skipped Kirito Mode, I rushed right into the final battle completely unprepared. Ready to use my Tiamat to take down the final boss. Than here he comes ready to ruin it all.

For those who’ve yet to play the game, I already spoiled to much, so I won’t spoil anymore, especially since the decision wasn’t really a hard one, the game doesn’t really force you to make a connection to which character to kill off. It actually does it for you, by asking you a simple question moments before you actually enter the dungeon. Based on how you answer it, determines which bad end you get. Me personally would gladly kill Kureha. Can’t even be sexy right, put one right between her forehead.

You wonder why I dislike her so much. Simply because her character is useless an only drags on the story. She has issues at home, an comes to this virtual world to feel needed. Since she wasn’t to popular she convince you to play. She uses you to feel bigger, or like an older sister because hers in real life actually does something with her life. When she feel like your fame goes to your head, she challenges you on multiple occasions. When your nominated as leader, she quickly downgrades your ability to lead, an sharply throws you under the bus. When Itsuki confronts her on it, she lashes out an plays victim. So throughout the story she does nothing to actually help you, besides sabotage you. “Off With Her Head, I Say


Besides the story, the actual combat is pretty amazing, as you zip across the field with easy control. Trying out several types of guns like Snipers, Gatlinguns, Swords, an or even both, as you can dual wield handguns an swords. Have bad aim, no problem, the Aim Assist, would help you so much, it would make you feel like a hacker. Fatal Bullet does a good job at making it feel realistic, as they add a weight limit, with various restrictions so your not running around with a 10 megaton Tiamat + Rocketlaucher, but only strong enough for an AR. As you level up, you can acquire new gadgets, stats, and abilities, that make grinding worth it. With an unlimited use but timer base, you can run a variety of ways to kill off enemies, be they friend or foe.

Final Verdict (3/5)

As enjoyable as the game was, personal feelings aside, the game was extremely flawed. Online play gets you nowhere, getting the expansion house is a pipe dream for beginners, dialog goes in circles, spamming bosses, an sluggish gameplay. Besides the ability to be able to play other characters expansion packs, I wouldn’t recommend being in a hurry to beat. First 5 hours feels like paradise, your next 20 gone feel like you beat this dungeon 99x already. Dive straight into hopelessness as you try to navigate online play with players who refuse to help you if your low level. Aside from the Sachi DLC.

I felt no real need to Return, (yes, they somehow managed to pull on our Sachi Heart Strings again.) As the series progress, I’m sure countless other payable DLC will be added. I’m just ready for when Reki Kawahara create his own Nerve Gear to trap us. If you made it this far, congrats your officially an SAO lover, which is an intense fanbase. You either have pitch forks in your hand, or Waifu’s across your shirt. I picture something like this happens, whenever a SAO discussion is started. You can see the seriousness in their eyes, which is full of Asuka hate.

As a thank you for making it this far here are my top 3 Games + Anime of the week. (Not subjected to new releases.)

Arguably my favorite DBZ game ever made by far. Even with the excessive remakes they keep putting out, this one will always stand above the others as a anime brawler. They even managed to get the GT series into the story mode with it’s massive game play. (Don’t like GT, Fight Me)

I have a personal love for the tales series, and since the love is personal, I’m putting it in my personal list. As you power through as the villain of the story, this game makes destroying the world seem fun. As a anti-heroine, you discover the prequel of Zestiria, that plays with your emotions constantly. Now come kidnap, an manipulate other character to joining you on your journey, as a Demon-Eating Demon.

I plan on writing about this anime once the season is finished, because this is by far one of my favorite comedic animes I’ve seen thus far. As we explore dominant teens who secretly love each other, but don’t want to be the first to admit it. One is a poor student president, the other is rich vice president. These 2 genius alongside secretary Chika, an others, lose count as you try to bet on will make the other admit love first. Love is truly a Battlefield.

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