Saber Of Red

Never Assume They Gender


As much as I want to do King Arthur, I recently finished the Fourth Singularity in Fate/Grand Order. So I decided to do those focused around Saber first. I’ll like to note that in Fate/Prototype, both King Arthur, and Mordred appeared as males. Mordred the treacherous nephew, or bastard son depending on which work your reading. For now I’ll focus on later variants of his story. Born from a incestuous relationship from Arthur’s halve sister, the Queen of Orkney. Mordred’s fiasco is a wild ride, from slaying his father, to exposing Arthur’s wife Guinevere affair with Lancelot that brought ruin to Camelot. He’s ultimately the main reason for Arthur’s downfall, in which during war, he made himself High King of Britain. If treason had a persona, Mordred would be the personification of it.


Mordred & Arthur

Sir Mordred was born the youngest son of Queen Morgause, halve sister of King Arthur, an raised as the son of her Husband King Lot. King Arthur was told by his Prophet Merlin, that one day his child would destroy his realm. Once he realized that Anna Morgause was his halve sister, he planned to have every child born on the same day as Mordred birth set adrift. The large boat would later sink, an every child would die on this day. This day would be called would be called May day, or the May Day Massacre. Mordred, on the other hand would survive this day, an wash ashore on a island to be taken care of by Lord Nabur. Once Mordred was an adult he travelled to Camelot, an capitalized off his brother Sir Gawain fame, an was made the 13th Knight of the Round Table. From there he would accompany Sir Lancelot, who he promptly did not like, whatsoever. Although Lancelot, was considered an ideal Knight. Mordred would spend his time, raping married women, an killing their husband’s. Along with his brothers Gawain, Gaheris, and Aggravayne, he took up the name of Orkney, slaying the son of Pellinore, Sir Lamorak. Mordred conspired with Aggravayne to expose Lancelot, an Guinevere’s affair which pretty much started a war. This war would be the downfall of Camelot. Mordred recieved an Oracle from a Prophet, telling him of his true origin, that he’s King Arthur’s heir. This sent him into a frenzy ultimately killing the prophet, an the Knights that was with him. Favoring Mordred, King Arthur, made him the Regent of his Kingdom while he was at war with Lancelot. That plus he was out of the continent campaigning against the Roman Empire “Umu”. While he was away, Mordred made Alliances with Saxons, Pics, & the Scots and faked the news of King Arthur’s death. Mordred declared himself King, an he seige Arthur’s wife, Guinevere. She must’ve been a loose beauty, than again Arthur was lusting after his own sister. The Queen’s reaction is pretty debatable, an it varies in each form of literature. In one story she fled, an barricaded herself in London, an another she agreed an had his children. When news finally reaches Arthur, he immediately returned to retake his throne. 3 major battles soon followed, 2 of which was won by Arthur. The battle of Dover, than Barham Down. The final battle of Camlann also would 2 possible endings, both of which would leave Arthur, an Mordred as the last warrior’s standing. This is mainly influenced by if Guinevere, flees or agrees with Mordred. If Guinevere flees, King Arthur kills Morded but suffers a fatal wound. Just before dying he begged one of his Round Table Knights to toss Excalibur in the lake. If Guinevere agrees, she steals Excalibur, loses the sacred Scabbard, and gives it to Mordred, for the final battle. Mordred would use this weapon to kill Arthur, after which he was mortally wounded by the holy spear Rhongomyniad. Mordred would survive, an be prosecuted by Lancelot, who stilled deeply admired King Arthur. Lancelot would go on to kill Guinevere, than bury Mordred in the dead Queen’s tomb. Mordred would soon eat the remainder of her body, just before dying of starvation. His 2 son’s would later continue the rebellion of their father. One thing is for certain in each version of the story. The once proud Round Table, was now dead, along with the era of the Knights.

Fate Lore

Saber Of Red

Now Mordred in the Nasuverse like her father, is predominantly women. So her birth, an story takes a few different routes compared to the Arthurian Legend. Although she keeps her status as The Treacherous Knight, she was born as a Homunculus Clone. If Fullmetal Alchemist taught me anything it’s how well these stories tend to go. But just like her father, Mordred would be raised as the next heir to the throne. Who started a rebellion just to here Artoria call her son just once. S/N: Although Fate Grand Order uses Altria Pendragon, I’m going to stick with calling her Artoria Pendragon.

Birth Of The Rebellion

Mordred vs Artoria

Mordred was born between the union of Artoria, an her sister Morgan Le Fay. A little background knowledge first, Morgan was a evil fairy witch who hated Artoria’s very being. Mainly for taking her spotlight from her family. Morgan enchanted Artoria a pseudo-male at the time, because that’s a thing, an stole her sperm to develop a Homunculus in her ovaries, because that’s also a thing. Morgan became obsessed with Mordred, telling her every day that was the rightful heir to the throne. Although her life was short spanned thanks to being a Homunculus, she believed it was her right to kill Artoria, an take the throne. Raised in secret, an told to obey the King until it was time, to never take her mask off. Like her mother, Mordred would also become obsessed with Artoria, but instead of hatred, it would be admiration. If you played the 4th Singularity in London, you’ll run into Mordred. You’ll realize she would randomly lash out at you, but starts to accept Mash. This would be because Mordred was ashamed of her twisted birth. She would unconsciously become violent, but start to feel sympathetic towards Mash, similar to Solomon’s reaction. As she began to rapidly age, Mordred started to worship King Arthur, as the perfect king. At Morgan’s behest, and a display of her suburb swordsmanship, she was named the 13th Knight Of The Round Table, an given a Sword of Legend. Unlike her counterpart in the legend, Mordred was the ideal knight of chivalry. Spent her duties trying to impress her king, even when she had a huge disdain for other humans. Morgan being the bitter sister she is, used this opportunity to tell Mordred of her unorthodox birth. Telling her that the King doesn’t know, neither would he care to know, nor love a filthy child. Instead of feeling hatred, she felt joy, alive for the first time. That she actually felt she was the true successor of the King of Knights, mind, body, and soul. At this point Mordred is ecstatic, happy that her godlike father figure is actually her father. She decided to tell Artoria of this, but instead of open arms, she was immediately rejected. Telling her that she would never accept Mordred as her legitimate child, or make her successor to the throne.

Camelot Downfall

Mordred pierced by Rhongomyniad

At this point Mordred believed she was rejected all due to her mother. She believed Artoria’s hatred for Morgan was the reason she was seen as a dirtied child. The words Morgan spun in her mind, turned her deep seeped love for King Arthur, into unfathomable hatred. Soon after the Round Table began to distrust Artoria, an a rebellion broke out. Mordred became the leader of this Rebellion, an she seized Camelot for herself while Artoria was on a expedition towards Rome. After returning from a prolonged battle, Artoria returned to a ruined Camelot. Mordred declared she never loved King Arthur, an that Artoria threw Camelot into ruin because of her unnatural personality. The battle went on for a few years until the final battle in Camlann. The Knights that stayed with the King died, leaving only the two on them on a pile of corpse. Which is in fact, the scene Artoria reminisces about when she becomes Saber. So the pile of dead bodies she’s standing on in the opening of the Fate/Stay Series with Excalibur, was this moment. Mordred claimed everything was pointless, now since the country was destroyed. She blamed Artoria for not making her the rightful heir, an how much she lamented her birth. She asked if her rejection was due to Morgan being her mother. Artoria simply stated that Mordred just didn’t have the ability to run a country. Since she actually didn’t genuinely care for people. She was ultimately defeated while pierced with the Holy Spear Rhongomyniad. Upon collapsing she reached to touch Artoria hands just once, but she was rejected once again being denied to even die in peace. Still bound by a curse her mother placed on her, she continued to swing her sword even after death. She fatally wounded Artoria who died, soon after having one of her knights permanently discard Excalibur. Camelot an the Era of the Knights came to a end. Makes you wish for the reunion of the two as servants. Only fair, since Gilgamesh got to see Enkidu again, even though he was actually Kingu, sent to help Beast II. (Tiamat) In the end Mordred even despised those who sided with her. Confused as to why they would follow her, someone who only cared for herself, over her father, who devoted her life to her country.

Holy Grail Wars


Mordred vs Jack

London Murders

Mordred was summoned by Kairi Sisigou, as a Saber apart of the Red Faction. Her wish was to simply pull Excalibur, an prove to her father that she’s the rightful heir to Artoria once an for all. That Morgan being her mother didn’t matter. Kairi, & Saber eventually hear of murders going on that could be linked to the war. They run into a strange poisonous fog, that ends up being the Noble Phantasm of Assassin of Black, Jack The Ripper. Saber’s overwhelming strength immediately destroys the fog. Just before they could fight Archer of Black, Chiron interfered. Since they were also investigating the murders, assassin immediately retreated. Saber in the process attacked Archer, while her master attacked Fiore. Although they were equally matched, they both soon retreated also.

Yggmillenia Castle

Secret of Pedigree

Mordred, & Kairi arrived to their first large scale battle a little later than the others. This battle between the Red, & Black faction would control the ongoing war. Mordred encounters a injured Rider Of Black, Astolfo. Mordred easily overwhelmed Astolfo, she also goes on to defeats Seig, Saber Of Black, who tried to protect Rider. Surprised to run into another Homunculus, she get’s ambushed by Frankenstein, the Berserker Of Black. Frankenstein is also unable to overpower Mordred, as she was beaten to the point of disappearing. Fran attempts to use her Noble Phantasm as a suicide bomb, which also fails thanks to Kairi. Seig, and Mordred, battled one more time using their Noble Phantasm with Mordred being the victor. Before she could kill him, Spartacus, Berserker Of Red interrupts the battle an Seig escapes. Later on Mordred killed Astolfo master, Celenike. Who tried to force him to kill Seig, since he seemed to care for him. At this point the Black Faction is clearly losing this war. But looks can be deceiving, since Mordred end up forming an alliance with the Black Faction, after saving Jeanne De Arc, and Astolfo from Hanging Gardens Of Babylon controlled by the Assassin Of Red, Semiramis. Mordred despises Semiramis, saying she has the same disgusting smell as her mother Morgan. Jeanne manages to convince Mordred to help them stop Avicebron Noble Phantasm. With the help of Seig, they destroyed his golem. Afterwards along with Jeanne, they attended a meeting with the Black Faction, creating an alliance between them to stop Shirou.

Final Battle

Mordred storms the Hanging Garden, to confront Semiramis, overwhelmed even with the use of her Noble Phantasm. When Mordred believed she was about to die, she realized her wish isn’t to simply replace her father, but just to see her smile once. At this moment Mordred came to realize the reason she started her revolt against Artoria, was to simply relieve her of her burden. Kairi manages to save Mordred, only to get fatally wounded in the process. Afterwards Mordred somehow dealt the final blow to Semiramis. Unfortunately once the smoke cleared out, they both died in the process. With both of them stating their true wish for the grail. One to bring happiness to her emotionless father, an the other to revive his dead daughter.

Fate/Grand Order

London Fiasco

Mordred vs Artoria Alter

Modred plays a key part in the 4th Singularity she appears in. She mysteriously appeared along with several other servants. Unprecedentedly majority of the ones that appeared, were the same one’s that appeared in Apocrypha. She even battles with Artoria Alter, her evil father, or who she claims was her true self. Really wish they dove farther into this meeting, but we all know Artoria will never accept Mordred. Unfortunately she was badly injured in the final battle with Solomon, so badly that Anderson sacrificed his life to save her’s.


Cigarettes Are Bad

Mordred was summoned once again in the 6th singularity. This story w Ias a pretty interesting twist, with a fated reunion. But first an explanation, Mordred was summoned along with the Knight’s of the Round Table by the Lion King. The Lion King looks pretty identical to a Lancer Artoria. But if your hoping for a reunion between Mordred, an her father you won’t find it here. Especially since Mordred also had no memory of her time in London, or her time with Mash. So the tearjerking moment she had about her father, she don’t remember. The Lion King is a Divine Spirit who took the appearance of Artoria. So in shorts she’s the Goddess Rhongomyniad, who is basically a Divine Ghost with a Holy Spear. She told the Knights they had a halve a day to decide, rather to side with or against her. Mordred, along with Gaiwain, Lancelot, Agravain, Tristan, and Gareth, decided to side with her. They killed the remaining knights, than formed Knights of the Lion King, with each recieving a gift, Mordred would recieve the “Gift Of Rampage,” an annoying little skill that allows her fire off her Noble Phantasm every turn. They rampaged through the Holy Land, killing everyone that opposed them. During her battle with the False Crusaders, Gareth sacrificed herself to beat Richard I. Mordred begged her saying it was no need, but Gawain killed both of them anyway. From here the Holy City was established, with Rhongomyniad as King. Mordred was the only Knight who wasn’t granted citizenship in the city. Remaining forbidden from staying due to the events with the False Crusaders. Needless to say she didn’t care much, as long as the Lion King had a need for her. Up til Mash finally killed her, Mordred had undying loyalty towards the Lion King.


  • Artoria Pendragon

Mordred’s Father, an her greatest sin ever committed.

  • Artoria Lily

Princess version of her dad who carries Caliburn, the sword Mordred used against her.

  • Lancelot

Mordred, & Agravain used Lancelot’s affair with Guinevere to bring ruin to Camelot under Morgan Le Fay orders. Although Mordred had no idea her mother manipulated her.

  • Gawain

Mordred’s halve brother, who was also killed by Mordred during the war of Camlann. Gawain believes he’s the reason for Artoria’s death, due to him forbidding Lancelot from fighting in the final battle against Mordred’s betrayal.

  • Agravain

Mordred’s halve brother, who worked as Morgan’s assassin. He manipulated Mordred under her orders to expose Guinevere, which ultimately got him killed by Lancelot in a fit of rage. Which explains why Lancelot shows up as either a Berserker or Saber.


King Of Heroes

Archer Form


How much do you really know about Gilgamesh? I mean really, besides his egomaniacal personality, that screams, get on your knees mortal. Gilgamesh is based off the lore from the Epic Of Gilgamesh. I’m going to skip his Grand Order appearance. His dad was Ulgabanda, an his mom was the Goddess Rimat-Ninsun. His mom would later help Gilgamesh in his adventures, explaining the meaning behind his dreams. Gilgamesh birth was to signal the end of the Age of The Gods, an rise of Humans. His path was to dispose of the Gods, an loath humanity.


Epic of Gilgamesh

Epic Of Gilgamesh

First thing first, Gilgamesh was a historical king of the Sumerian City, Uruk. During the Epic of Gilgamesh, he would become known as a diety. There are as a now, 5 well known legends of his exploits. Gilgamesh, a demigod, befriends Enkidu, who would eventually go on adventures with him. He battles Enkidu when they first met, an realizing he met his equal, Gilgamesh uses his Gate Of Babylon, for the first time. He hated the idea, but he would eventually turn to enjoy the idea of using his treasures in such a way. Around here, is when it start to split from his Fate Counterpart. Enkidu was created to rid Gilgamesh of his arrogance by the Gods. After befriending the King, Enkidu would defy his very creation an side with Gilgamesh. Enkidu saw no wrong with Gilgamesh, only that he didn’t bow to the Gods, although he profusely admired them. Ishtar, The Queen of Heaven, fell deeply in love with Gilgamesh, an wants nothing more than to marry an have children with. He formly mocks, an rejects her invitation, calling her an unfaithful witch who corrupt men. She would than beg her father Anu to send Humbaba, the Bull Of Heaven, to spite them. This Beast would cause 7 years of starvation an destruction, which contradicts Ishtar authority, as the God of Fertility. Enkidu using the Chain Of Heaven, would allow them to destroy the beast. Ishtar being Ishtar, begged the Gods to put them to death. Shamesh, the Sun God of Justice, would plee with the Gods to spare both Gilgamesh, an Enkidu after the Bull destruction, which Ishtar demanded they pay. After of which Enkidu would later die due to an unknown illness. In Fate lore, he was returned to clay in Gilgamesh arms. This would be the first an only time he cried, in which he states, “Enkidu on this day, you are my one an only friend. Not for all of Eternity shall this change. This would send Gilgamesh, on a long adventure to obtain Godly Immortality. Enkidu death greatly affects him, making him terrified of his own mortality, so he visits the Sage of Utnapishtim, formly knowns as Ea. Unfortunately Gilgamesh fails every trial, an failed to obtain immortality.

Fate Lore


Nasuverse lore compared to his actual lore has many similarities, but is ultimately vastly different, in many ways. I’m assuming to make his story more interesting, appealing, an able to build more off of it. One of the oldest poems speak of Enkidu going to the underworld for Gilgamesh. Type Moon takes a different approach.


Gilgamesh quest for immortality in the Fate Lore is one of my favorite backstories. That could become it’s own series, along with King Arthur Round Table, Jeanne D’Arc, and Elizabeth Bathory history. (She’s shoved down our throats in the game, as that annoying dragon idol who won’t go away, so I did a little digging on her, an I’ve been obsessed since. It’s not the best, but it’s a reason why she appears as much as she does.) Back on topic, Gilgamesh from here diverge off route from his Epic Counterpart. After seeing the death of Enkidu, who he viewed as his equal, his view on his own mortality hit him hard. Til than his only motive was obtain all of the world’s riches, have sex with every women he can get his hands on, an watch over humanity. So he sought out the Herb of Immortality.


He sought out Ereshkigal, to find the sage Ziusudra, a widely known immortal sage. This adventure would lasted for as many years he had already lived, thus he called it the greatest farce of his life. He would wander around for decades begging not to die. He loathe the idea of death, he loathed himself for forsaking his role, an most of all he loathed the Gods. Once he finally reached the underworld, he met Utnapishtim, who he describes as a waste of a immortality. Utnapishtim became a God, to gain longevity, becoming a halve plant in the process. Gilgamesh rejected the idea of becoming an immortal only to forsake his human desires. Gilgamesh told Utnapishtim, that there’s no point in immortality with no appeition. As Gilgamesh decided to leave so he finish his vault of treasures, Utnapishtim who was now full of doubt, decided to tell Gilgamesh a secret. This secret would be a way for him to obtain immortality without the God’s Mercy. Which would be the root of a herb that grew deep within the underworld. Instead of consuming this herb an becoming a plant, he would instead Jarred the herb, an used it to decorate his vault. Once he returned from the underworld he believed he could overthrow death itself, an finally avenge his only friend. Once he returned, before he could go back to his Kingdom of Uruk, he decided to rest at a Spring, in which Grand Order claims it to be “The Fountain of Youth.” It was at this moment Gilgamesh was truely happy to have been born. Finally obtaining immortality he could finally say he was free from his humanity, an declared himself Omnipotent.

Gilgamesh Death

At the moment he declared himself omnipotent, this would be his fatal undoing. A simple serpent that had a empty belly, followed the strong scene of the herb, an snatched it away from a bathing Gilgamesh. Once he realized what happened it was to late, the snake stole his supposedly immortality, an gained the ability to shed it’s skin. Instead of being medicine for immortality, it ended up being youth restoration instead. This would send Gilgamesh into a frenzied laughter, since the pride he just took in his accomplishments was all for naught. He would live as a human, an die as a human. He would finally return to Uruk, an rule as a quiet King, completing his vault of treasures. Well almost complete, he returned to the Deep Underworld, to obtain another herb just to finally complete his collection. He became humanities first an ancient hero, an first story to ever be created. The skin of the snake who stole his immortality would later become fossilized, being an immortal existence that Tohsaka Tokiomi, would use as a catalyst to summon Gilgamesh as Archer in the Fourth Holy Grail War.

Holy Grail

Fate Routes


Archer Form

Gilgamesh has a great disdain for the modern society, during the Forth Grail War, deeming everyone as to weak for his ruling. Gilgamesh had no wish per say, but he would rather exterminate humanity than see them touch his treasures. He decides to use the Grail to exterminate a great portion of humanity, an only leave a fraction alive, who he deems as worthy for him to rule over. He deemed Ishkander as worthy of him ruling over, an offered him a cup of the Grail if he would bow before him. He also became obsessed with Artoria (Saber) an declared she becomes his wife, an possession. In response he has no interest in Saber Alter, because he believes she lost sight of herself. When he witnesses Excalibur for the first time, he was reminded of Enkidu, an began to cry. Kirei, Tohsaka disciple disclose that Tokiomi, would use a Command Seal, to force Gilgamesh to commit suicide to obtain to the grail. He concludes they should form a new contract. Gilgamesh would soon let Kirei murder his former master. Gilgamesh would go on to defeat Rider, an than Saber, while now under Kirei. Kiritsuga would than force Saber to destroy the Grail with a Command Seal. With Gilgamesh being directly under it, he gets drenched in it’s after effects, which gives him a flesh body again. Now that he has a physical body, he believes it’s time to remake humanity into his perfect image. He would continue to serve under Kirei for 10 years, until the next war. Gilgamesh would use energy from Orphans from the great fire to sustain himself, after which he uses temporary youth from his vault to blend in with humanity for the time being.

Fate/Stay Night

Gilgamesh vs Hercules

Gilgamesh suddenly appears as an antagonist in this route, he appeared on top of a highrise, looking only at Saber, while Caster, and Shirou all stare at him confusingly. He than reminds her of his marriage proposal, after he immediately kills Caster. Rin, & Iilya, becomes confuse with his mere existence, an attacks him without remorse. Of course they failed, an laughed as he left, claiming Shirou residence was to shabby of a household. By now Gilgamesh personality greatly changed, an he wants is Saber hand in marriage. The author of the series, describes Gilgamesh change as a transformation, from self proclaimed arrogant king, to a horny teen. In spite of this, Gilgamesh only sees her as an unobtainable flower. Once he finally acquired her affection, he would immediately grow bored of her. Being he only loves her as she rejects him, a treasure he can chase for eternity. Can you imagine having a Overpowered Stalker, that can crush dimensions. Gilgamesh would soon ambush Shirou, and Saber, an strike down Shirou. Claiming he only haven’t killed him because Saber would disappear. He starts to basically beg Saber to be his, an leave Shirou to join him an Kirei, explaining he had excess to mana for her to use. Gilgamesh decides at this point, that he would reincarnate Saber the same way he was. Fate/Stay Night route, ends with Saber, and Gilgamesh trading the final blow between each other. Not really my favorite route, considering Gilgamesh was chasing Saber until the bitter end, saying Goodbye with a Smile on his face.

Unlimited Blade Works

I’m gonna try my best not sound pretty biased, but this was absolutely my favorite route. This would be mainly because Gilgamesh was more of an antagonist in this route. He was given to Shinji after his Rider servant was killed, soon after he kills Ilya and Berserker, ripping her heart out. In this route instead of Ilya being used for the Grail, Rin was to be used instead. Because of this Archer, who Gilgamesh refers to as his Fake, kidnaps Rin. Once Shinji failed to acquire Rin to use as the Grail core, he planned to use Shinji instead, with Ilya heart. Once the grail began to enact Gilgamesh wish to end humanity Rin, Saber, and Shirou appeared for one final showdown. In the Climactic Battle between Shirou and Gilgamesh, Shirou overwhelmed him inside his Unlimited Bladeworks. Becoming desperate after he killed Shinji, so he couldn’t replenish his mana, he went as far as to even use the Chain Of Heaven. Oblivious, Archer fired an arrow at Gilgamesh, which ended up killing him, ending this route.

Heaven’s Feel

Just Before Being Devoured

Gilgamesh role in this route was severally minor, compared to his other appearances, even his Prisma route. Gilgamesh main, an last appearance was him appearing before Sakura Matou. He planned to dispose of Sakura, who have been infected by Angra Mainyu, became Dark Sakura, an Avenger, an master of the Grail. Unfortunately even after impaling her with The Gate Of Babylon, she was able to regenerate. She immediately devoured him with her shadow’s, although his ego makes him immune to mental pollution. He was instantly digested, an turned into mana for her. The King of Heroes turned into a full course meal, must’ve tasted heavenly.


Caster Form

Gilgamesh spent the majority of his time in this route in his childlike form. In this form Gilgamesh personality does a complete 180°. He even states that if his childhood self could realize what he was to turn into in the future, he would stop his growth altogether to remain a child forever. As a child Gilgamesh wasn’t what the Gods expected, even when they created Enkidu. This would confuse Enkidu also, torn as to why the Gods would want to kill someone so beloved. As he grew older, his personality twisted also, with him becoming the very person the Gods despised. He avoided contact with previous Masters or Servants. It wasn’t until the Fuyuki Eclipse, that he returned back into his adult form, to slay the endless hordes of Shadow Wolf Beast. This would give Angra Mainyu a opportunity to make his way to Heaven’s Feel. So if your wondering, than yes, this incident is what started the Heavens Feel route. Which takes place 6 Months after the events of Fate/Stay Night. Fate/Hollow is the combination of all the routes in 1 story, as everyone is stuck in a never ending loop. Fun fact, Rin, who was in London, appears in this story with a Kaleidostick. You know them Magical Girl Wands, that appears in Fate/Kaleid Liner.

Carnival Phantasm

Teasing Saber

If your tired of the endless fighting, deaths, an obvious plot twist, than I highly recommend you start Carnival Phantasm. Who doesn’t love a good parody. In this series Gilgamesh appears as a “friend nobody likes” or really even wants to be around. His appearance is that of a non stop rule breaker, who in the very first episode used his Noble Phantasm to kill Lancer. (Who dies endlessly in this series, he’s like Kenny off South Park.) Gilgamesh runs into Saber Alter in this series, although in the original Routes he has no interest in her, saying she lost her dignity. Here he develops a school boy crush on her, after a verbal backlash he received after taunting Saber. “The original Saber”


  • Artoria Pendragon

Gilgamesh has a one sided love for Saber, while she view him as nothing more than her nemesis.

  • Altera

Altera decided not to kill Gilgamesh’s father before he was born. She was later killed by Excalibur. Thanks to this, he decided to aid her in her battle for the Moon Cell. (FATE/EXTELLA)

  • Emiya

To Gilgamesh, Emiya is no more than a faker pretending to be him.

  • Ozymandias

Although Gilgamesh personality prevents from him getting along with anyone. He apparently gets along with Ozymandias as much as he did with Enkidu.

  • Kirei Kotomine

After getting to know Kirei he decided to betray his original master, an form a contract with him. He found Kirei to more interesting, an found him to be a keen spirit, who both didn’t desire a wish. Their both hopelessly sadistic.

  • Ishtar

Gilgamesh hates Ishtar’s very being, as such if he were to ever see again, he would more than likely erase the planet itself. Ishtar being the reason why Enkidu died after he refused her marriage. He believed Ishtar merging with Rin Tohsaka to an improvement on her personality.

  • Enkidu

To Gilgamesh, Enkidu was his one an only friend, who he would never replace, even as a servant. Enkidu’s death, is what ultimately spurred Gilgamesh on his great Journey.

  • Cú Chulainn

This duo has never gotten along, an never will. Gilgamesh see’s him as a dog whose only worth is his lance. Even after Fate/Stay Night, they continued to bicker during Fate/Hollow.