Song – Tokyo Teddy Bear

Tokyo Teddy Bear is one of those Vocaloid Songs that stands above the others. In fact it was my first taste of vocaloid music that really brought me to love these cheerful Vocaloids. We travel through a dark Rin, who runs away from life, leaving behind a message to her Ni-San. (He probably never read it, to busy dancing with Kaito) With just her, her bear, a box, and Tokyo. Watch as her personality become un done throughout the video.

Kameko Lee

Kameko Lee – This up an coming cosplayer, really stuck out to me when I was browsing online. After seeing her Saber cosplay, dug up some of her recent cosplay. Doesn’t have a large following, but she’s steadily growing her fan base.


You can also join her Facebook page Kameko Lee an see more for yourself. This cosplayer is surely worth it.

Yeah, definitely one my favorites.


Black Saber Cosplay