Comedic Relief

Parody Galore

  I for one, enjoy a good laugh after seeing a new episode that breaks my heart, cough, cough “Dororo” it gets me everytime. In that aspect Parodies truly shine like no other when it comes to comedic relief. Mainly because Parody genres tend to focus on the joke itself, rathee than any real plot. The goal of a Parody is to make the viewers laugh as much as possible. Sometimes they add goals or agendas, but like a Slice of Life genre, it’s going nowhere. I received several inboxes via Facebook, to do a top 10 Parody post. I tend to stick to 5 or 7 when it comes to recommendations, because I always feel like I’m rambling, an the longer it is, the less detailed it is. Nevertheless, I received this request twice, so here’s 10 of my top parody animes.

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