Alodia Gosiengfiao

When it comes to cosplaying who haven’t heard of Alodia. This Filipina does everything that you can name in the industry from singing to even being a Tv Presenter. Her name is so well known that that she’s even a regular judge at anime conventions. This Celebrity Endorser is an ambassador, an co-host of ABS-CBN’s Prank Show “Laugh Out Loud” Born in 1988, this Model earned her role in the Otaku community.

Dead Fantasy

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God bless Monty Oum an his brilliance. It was truly unfortunate to see him pass before he realized his dream. An that dream would be Dead Fantasy. This epic movie is as hardcore as it comes when it comes to cross mixing characters. The Avengers of game characters. These characters would be drafted from Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy, and even Kingdom Hearts. Makes you wish these creators would actually think about coming together. As much as I love seeing Tifa punch Honoka off a collapsing building. Throughout the series, it’s impossible to really which side is winning. So I’m going to let the readers be the judge. I hope you all enjoy Monty final production.

Song – Tokyo Teddy Bear

Tokyo Teddy Bear is one of those Vocaloid Songs that stands above the others. In fact it was my first taste of vocaloid music that really brought me to love these cheerful Vocaloids. We travel through a dark Rin, who runs away from life, leaving behind a message to her Ni-San. (He probably never read it, to busy dancing with Kaito) With just her, her bear, a box, and Tokyo. Watch as her personality become un done throughout the video.