My Favorite Anime Characters

Ever watched a anime an realize how useless the MC was, I mean utterly clueless, an relied on supporting roles to get them out of tight spots. I honestly enjoy when side characters get so much extra shine, that they’re typically more important. It shows you that even if you don’t feel like a main character in your own story, supporting roles are just as important. Than you come across a overly OP mc who don’t need help from anyone. “Which I don’t count Kirito as a Mary Sue character” As powerful as everyone say he is, he undoubtedly needed help towards the end. Flying solo only last so long. These OP characters are enjoyable to watch, but there’s no sense of danger. You already know their going to beat whatever challenges come they way. Because of this most Mary Sue characters, lack plot because the main focus is all on flashy fight scenes, to make up for the lack of danger. Though I have to admit, I am still excited about One Punch S2 coming out in April. I prefer my main characters somewhere in the middle. Somewhat competent, an reliable, but not Mary Sue strong. Here’s a list of my Top 7 Charismatic Characters, without competence to stand as a Main Character.

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