Song – Hocus Pocus

Vocaloid songs are about 70% dark, an the majority of them can be explained by using a anime as a metaphor. If I had to explain this using that metaphor, than Happy Sugar Life comes to mind. Join this collab between Miku, an Gumi, as you wonder rather or not Gumi got a good lawyer. Probably the guy that be driving them trucks. You can’t help but feel sorry for Gumi as she lives her life with the child version of Miku. That all started with a “Magic Lie”

Song – Two Breaths Walking

Lets be honest, this isn’t a list of the top Vocaloid songs. This Vocaloid Category is all about my favorite songs in no personal order. But 2 Breaths walking would definitely be in the top of any of my list. Watch as Miku make playing the guitar a art form of pure no effort. Like many of her songs, this one particularly is a toxic love song about someone she met.


Song – Tokyo Teddy Bear

Tokyo Teddy Bear is one of those Vocaloid Songs that stands above the others. In fact it was my first taste of vocaloid music that really brought me to love these cheerful Vocaloids. We travel through a dark Rin, who runs away from life, leaving behind a message to her Ni-San. (He probably never read it, to busy dancing with Kaito) With just her, her bear, a box, and Tokyo. Watch as her personality become un done throughout the video.

Song – Heaven

Heaven is about truck that has been constantly striking the innocent people in the vocaloid world. This truck rips apart a love life, that’s so passionate, it made me sell my truck. The heroine struggles as she comes to terms, with finally saying Goodbye, just before nearly committing suicide. “Goodbye Just Means I’ll Never See You Again.” If you can watch this an feel nothing, leave my site an never return, for you have no Soul.