14 Perverted Heroines

Ideal Women

Throughout the years we’ve ventured into several heroines, who personality is no different than a old perverted man. I’m talking smelling your underwear, stealing nude pictures of you, or simply consistently trying to deflower an innocent young man. Anime have a way of exaggerating women from men. Most men be more spoken, with outrageous behaviors. Usually ends there, while women actions are extremely more closer to crossing the line, unless we’re talking hentai. Rather it’s drugging you, walking in on you taking a shower, or throwing themselves on you, they give the phrase, having no shame a new meaning. So we decided to create a list with 14 of my personal favorite ideal women. I’ll be keeping out other characters who have already made an appearance in our other post. To shed light to some other heroines, putting them in our spotlight of shame. Meaning Characters from Highschool DxD, Shimoneta, Haiyore, Yakuindomo, & several others will not be added this time.

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