Female Waifu’s

Some time ago we gave our list of Top Male characters, so now it’s time for there more popular counterparts. When it comes to heroines, it’s so many to choose from we decided to make the list this time 25, aside from our usual list of 7. So what makes a quality Heroine or a Women Mc? In my opinion female characters are generally more judged than males in the general public. So our list consist of accepted widely by the public, but also appeal to us enough. Based on personality, accomplishments, and their fan base, but remember we try to stay away from Mainstream as much as possible. Nothing I dislike more than a character that been referenced 1000x. Starting with:

Seraph Of The End

Have to start the first Heroine off strong, an Shinoa stands firm for it. The sarcastic, petite teen, who goes through a ever changing character development. Usually see her teasing an showing that adorable smirk of hers, with her overbearing confidence. Never understanding lost until her squad eventually loses, Shinoa realizes how much her mistakes can hurt her, when she finally learn to love someone. I personally prefer Heroines whose sure of their feelings, instead of second guessing every episode an have to restart from the beginning. Instead she gradually falls more for Yu, the more they fight together. If you haven’t saw Seraph of the End yet, your surely missing out.

Angel Beats

Yui was the life of Angel Beats with her cheerful personality, an as crazy as it gets. In a anime like Angel Beats, Yui stood out, giving each scene she was in life. Which made it extremely dull once she left. From the way she acts, you wouldn’t be able to tell that she was once paralyzed since she was 4. Throughout the series Yui becomes extremely familiar with Hinata, even exchanging several blows, an wrestling holds. Hinata proposes to her, fulfilling her last regret. Leaving us with a bittersweet feeling.

Classroom Crisis

Want some where the best girl wins, than you would have Mizuki, who becomes conflicted with her feelings for Nagisa, even if her bestfriend also loves him. Unlike most harem routes, Mizuki stands firm with the initiative to make sure he feels the same. Being the first to accept him due to friendly personality, Mizuki was the first to see the kindness in someone, whom the rest of the class clearly hated. When a heroine steps outside the damsel in distress to rescue someone else, even at the risk of her life, that definitely makes her a prime candidate.

Karakai Jouzo

This young protagonist, definitely made an impression from start to finish, as she relentlessly teases Nishikata. Even once they get married, an have a daughter it doesn’t stop, yet you can tell just how much she loves him, even as kids. You can catch glimpse of her affection, that’s plain to see to everyone besides the dense Mc. You almost never see female protagonists take the initiative like she does. (Excluding fan service anime) Throughout the first season, you can tell she truly enjoy her time with him, as she ask him to walk home with hee daily, an create excuses to spend time with him outside of school. Rarely see anime with time skips where they actually end up together. Usually the heroine ends up with his bestfriend, an he ends up alone narrating through his life. In Chapter 31 in the manga they officially get married.

  • Medaka Kurokami

Medaka Box

In terms of raw power, Medaka is what you would consider a monster. She is what you would call the perfect women. Being only a first year, she places first on the national test, excels at anything you can possibly think of, getting inhuman results. Even being all powerful in her verse (animals are even terrified of her) she uses it help everyone, an anyone, even her enemies. She has the ability to copy skills, which puts her at about 100 skills, 3 trump cards, and 5 God modes. Even with all that, she is still overly smitten by Zenkichi, since her life changes once she met him at the age 2. (She even asked him to marry her)


I wonder how many times I done referenced Rory, as a Demi God her personality, makes me want to rewatch Gate over an over. Despite being immortal (961 years old), she is portrayed as a 13 year old girl. Who doesn’t love a loli death goddess who reaches ecstasy when surrounded by death, plus I love sadistic women. (But I hate Tsunderes) Rory one emotion she has left, is her love for Itami, since her anime is a harem, her attempts are always interrupted. As a immortal heroine, she wants to spend her last 40 years before she loses her emotions with Itami. Rory eventually makes a blood pact with him, in which she receives all the damage he takes, in which she instantly heals afterwards. If I had a choice of which Heroines I would bring to the real world, it would 100% be Rory.


Erica isn’t like one your standard Heroines in a Harem anime, especially one when the Mc is a God-Slaying King. As a knight she shows no fear, rather it’s fighting, or stating her love for Kusanagi. Love so strong she fought Athena in his name, who is considered one of the strongest of all Gods. She isn’t one for holding a monopoly as she let’s him have other girls, but she states that she is his one true wife. Passion like that is hard to find in characters.

Netoge no Yome

Ako is what you would consider an Otaku. A shy, Ditzy girl, who hate normies, an refers to herself as a true gamer. Never going outside until she met Hideki in game, an fell in love. As the story progress, the once reclusive introvert girl, start to become a more energetic, happy person. This doesn’t stop her from flying into a fit of jealous rage whenever any female come near Hideki. Though her motto is still to rely on others, because of how lazy she actually is. In fact her dream is stay at home an play games all day, while her husband Hideki supports her. Her love for Hideki stems from her constant rate of being abandoned. So much she grew accustomed to it, until Hideki stayed by her side, now she refuses to leave his.

Heavy Object

Milinda is an Elite who pilots huge robots called Objects. She eventually becomes romantically interested in Quenser, to the point she becomes excessively jealous over him whenever another women is involved. Considered a genius, with enhance mental capabilities, she’s able to predict an dodge laser beams that travel at the speed at light, just from a slight enemy movement. (She’s also a great Poll Dancer) Milinda faces many crisis throughout the series, due to her Object being extremely outdated. But with the help of Quenser and Heivia, she’s able to come out on top. (Which was unheard of in her story) When you achieve something you was expected to fail, they continue to expect you to achieve it. Because of this they are constantly thrown in ridiculous suicide missions repeatedly.

Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Easily one of my top 10 harem anime, an one of my most rewatched anime, The Ambition of Oda Nobuna, will forever have a place in my heart, especially Nobuna. Nobuna is just a teenage girl, whose goal is to conquer, an unite Japan, so they can be able to stand on equal grounds with advanced European Nations. She saves Yoshiharu, who finds himself inside one of his favorite games. Thus he uses his knowledge of the future to insure he makes her dream come true. Nobuna sometimes can get extremely violent, an emotional, as to either stepping on Yoshiharu face, giving him the nickname Monkey, or even when her father was on his death bed, she brought several monks to heal him. When they failed, she killed all the monks. Even threatening to burn the temple down, if Yoshiharu didn’t return to her. I personally enjoy watching a women put her foot down on your harem. (I might be a masochist)


Yumeko is a gambler wet dream, an biggest nightmare, since if you gamble with her, your more than likely to lose your sanity, an every dollar you have an probably your life also. When most normal people would experience fear, she feel extreme pleasure when the odds is stack against her. She’s probably able to find a needle in a haystack if you made a bet against it. She’s not undefeated, losing as much as wins, going into debt by the millions. Yet also winning billions, an also putting someone into a coma. Yumeko conquest of her school, started to tear the school apart as her an the President gambling addiction turned it upside down. I would love to see her an Sora “No Game No Life” have a gambling match together.

Railgun / Certain Magical Index

Misaka is an esper with the ability to control electricity, so powerful she can fire a simple coin at the magnitude of a railgun. Ranked 3rd as the most powerful espers, she certainly live up to the standard. Mainly in the Railgun sister anime, in Magical Index she is an tritangonist. Despite being considered a side character she goes to great lengths for Touma, even forcing her way to Russia just to protect him. Desperate to catch up with him, to be able to stand by his side, so she can eventually tell him that she loves him, this creates an unstable personality within her.


This picture screams “Umu” an I scream it every time. Nero is as overconfident as they come, an she has the abilities to back it up. Sorta like the overbearing Gilgamesh. She begins to develop feelings for Hakuno the more they fight together. Her love for Hakuno let her endure the pain she feels towards her real name. Though she look like she’s not trying to cry while stating it. Nero makes her entrance, just before Hakuno was about to die. Insteas of being summoned she willingly rushed to their aid. Someone who was weak, not a proper wizard, or even strong at that, she threw away her pride. That’s like Gilgamesh saying sorry, for his foul personality.


Rea was accidentally killed by her father, who pushed her off a cliff. Just before this she steals, an drinks Chihiro zombie potion in a suicide attempt. Once she died was resurrected as a zombie. Instead of a hungry flesh eating monster, she turns into a lustful eating monster. Which causes conflicting with her friendly emotions. As a zombie her limiter on her body is broken, thus allowing her to lift things 3x her weight. She is still a zombie an although there are ways to slow down the process, she will still decompose. Rea eventually ends up losing her mind to her “Eater State” an ends up eating Chihiro heart. It’s not love unless she eats your heart.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-San

A young lustful alien, who works for the space defense agency to defend earth. She encounters love at first sight when she meets Mahiro. (One of my top 10 most annoying Mc’s) Nyaruko feelings for him is so intense, that she becomes aggressive with wanting to get married an start a family. Even after she officially graduated at the top of her class, she joins him in school once again just to be closer to him. As lustful as she is, she becomes very hostile against enemies an often abusive. She often joke about her power level, stating that the average person with a gun is a power level of 5, while her’s is at 530,000, with a Forth Wall awareness. Nyaruko as a character is hilarious to watch, as she isn’t against wearing her heart on her sleeve.


This narcissistic, liar, an self righteous girl is the reason I love Charlotte, aside from being adorable. Charlotte as a whole is a beautiful anime, with Nao standing right at the center. She became a focal point for Yu once he lost his sister to a horrible accident, though she blames herself for it. This accident caused him to go into a severe depression, that honestly you can’t blame him for. As a character who past haunted her, she refuse to legitimately trust anyone, but as time passed she grew to trust those she considered a friend. Nao goes through a perfect development romance wise. Once being unconcerned about the idea of romance, to being fully in love with Yu’s return. Introducing herself to the now amnesiac Yu, as her lover, as she waited for him as he traveled the world taking everyone abilities.

  • Ferris Eris

Legend of the Legendary Heroes

Ferris is the type of heroine that everyone seems to forget about. While to others it seem minuscule, to me her actions leaves a great impact. Her Partner Ryner, is easily one of the top 10 most dangerous Main Characters. An she leaps to his aid whenever his mind becomes full of bloodlust, risking her life on multiple occasions. Ferris has a intense obsession for Dangos. One so strong she brought 14 backpacks full of them. Ferris childhood wasn’t all roses neither. Being tortured, abused, an rape of incest to keep the bloodline pure. Ferris is able to best city destroying mages, with her inhuman physical strength. She was gifted with the ability to be the only one who can actually defeat Ryner, an slay the demon inside him. (Rather it would actually work is a mystery) But this ability comes with a price. If Ferris were to truely save Ryner, it would cost her own life, which would happily risk for him.

Beyond The Boundary

Mirai is the sole survivor of the warrior clan who can manipulate there own blood. Because of this ability was she shunned by her own clan. She is as shy as one can be, an could be considered a danderebut for her faults she hounds Akihito mercilessly attacking him. Akihito is yet another broken character, who can at times, go berserk. When he first does, Mirai was the one who was able to help him return to normal. Mirai spends most of her time struggling through life, not being familiar with slaying Youmu. Mirai was saved by Izumi, to be the only person who can actually kill Akihito. Falling in love with the person your destined to kill, always makes for a great story.

Dream Eater Merry

I always wondered how my dream demon would look. I should’ve figured it would be a beautiful lolita. Merry is a dream demon that connects the Dream World to the Real World, but doesn’t have to possess humans to enter it. Because of this she gets trapped in the real world, an searches for a way to get back with no memories. She spends her time with Yumeji fighting Dream Demons, or just falling on him. At first she thought she was sending them back, but she is fact killing them instead, this pushes her to a severe depression. They faced a ton of hardships as they looked for a way to send her back, this even caused Yumeji to get injured badly in a fight to protect Merry. Merry is later known to be the guardian of the dream door, whose life becomes  dependent on it’s well being.

Monogatari Series

She might look 8, but she’s actually 598 years old. The once human, now turned vampire is considered one of the strongest beings in the series, but get back seated alot in the series. This is due to the story mainly being about Koyomi, an his adventures. She has her body parts stolen an scattered, causing her to revert to a child form, but if she was to recover them, she would age again getting her old personality back. (Which isn’t a good thing) She was once an emotionless being until meeting Koyomi, who returns her to her talkative state. Who often asserts her superiority in her speech. Her character is a loveable mascot, who helps Koyomi out against most of the oddities he faces.

Top 5 Heroines

Guilty Crown

Who would you choose as your Heroine from Guilty Crown, as much as I love Hare, an her shocked death, Inori stands above as one my favorites. A being that was created, an was a emotionless killing machine, who only wanted to follow Gai’s order, her character does a 180 altogether. Once she meets Shu her starts to smile, an feel emotions that was foreign to her. She begins by telling Shu that she belongs to him, due to an order, but this eventually becomes due to her feelings for him. Imagine a close minded girl, who killed on order, an only care to obey some guy who wanted to her. Turning into a friendly teen, who loves singing, an stating her undying loyalty the Mc. “Even if the entire world turn against you, I will forever be by your side.” Even once all was said an done, an Shu was about to sacrifice his life to save the world, she pushes him out the way, giving her own life in return.

Heavens Lost Property

This world class destroying angel fell to the earth just to protect Tomoki. Out of fear of her power the people of the Synapses programmed her to burn to the death if she was to ever return. I don’t blame them, she can travel the world in one panel, well over Mach 5000, an destroy a civilization in one attack, an that’s with her restrictions on. But when she turns into Pandora mode her abilities goes up by 370%, an able to take an newly advance Synapse, after she first destroyed it. Yet all she wants to is fufill her master every desire, no matter how lustful, vengeful, or outrageous it is. In response, if she feels any harm has befallen Tomoki she immediately resort to violence. Having a block on her emotions, she was unable to express them properly, or even understand what emotions was. Once she enter the Synapse with Tomoki, she confessed her love to him kissing him just before she burned to death.

Shakugan no Shana

Easily my all time favorite anime, and Shana stands at it’s core, along with the development the Mc goes through. What I enjoy most is a character who goes from good, but to obtain power they turn evil, just so they can stand equally with the person they love. Shana starts off as a unloving character, who didn’t even care about those she protected, in fact she was willing to sacrifice innocent lives if she had to. Even referring to Yuji as just an object. Shana was about to give the life of one his classmates, to restore the destroyed classroom, until Yuji insisted on using his instead. That deed was the turning point for her. Imagine a girl like this risking her life to save Yuji as she’s now deeply in love with him. That’s some intense development, an growth as a character, as she even starts to feel jealous whenever she see him around other girls. Yuji eventually ends up becoming something else entirely, making him overwhelmingly more powerful than her. In the end she refuses to kill him, using her love to reach him, an making him agree to never leave her side again.

Re:Zero Starting Over in another World

Your either a Emilia fan or a Rem fan, an the fan base can get rather extreme. While I do love Emilia, an her pure heart. Her personality does not leave an impression on me. While others prefer a Heroine who does no wrong, from our list you can tell, I prefer a Heroine who starts off as your enemy, an grow to intensely love you. Which is the definition of Rem. Though whenever I ask what is the appeal they feel so much for Emilia, I always get hit with rhetorics of how many times Rem smashed his face in. Rem spent her 17 years in her older twin sister Ram shadow. (Surprisingly she handles 80% of the wordload by herself) At just 11 Rem’s village was attacked by the Witch Cult, cutting her sister horn off, an leaving them as the sole survivors, an barely alive. So when Subaru walk in smelling like a Witch because of Satella, you can just imagine why she would want to attack you. Despite this, she was saved, an grew a deep attachment for Subaru. To the point that even through rejection, she would still risk her life (Which she does several times) just to protect him.

No Game No Life

Yes my all favorite top pick is more of personal favorite, than a non biased one. Anyone who seen No Game No Life Zero, would understand why she takes the cake. As her history she boasted about is not at all a lie one bit, she was every bit as maniacal as she claims. Commiting genocide just because she fell, killing our precious Schwi in her conquest for collecting heads. Yes, what is now her collection of books, use to be filled with heads instead. After the pledges was instated, an her God now dead, she remained in the library obtaining knowledge. Who would imagine that this indestructible killing angel, would become a slave to 2 humans, an even apologizing for her past sins, by licking the feet of a being she once considered to be a roach. Considered to the youngest Flugel, an also the most powerful. Although the anime doesn’t represent it well, Jibril falls in love with Sora intensely. Willing to merge her soul with his to create a hybrid Angel, also officially announcing that she in fact loves him, an that she understands it now. (Light Novel 5) In her quest she helps the siblings aquire the Warbeast, Dhampir, and Siren Nations, an even her homeland, Avant Heim. She takes an incredible u-turn in her regards towards those lower than her. With how cruel she was in Zero to how she is now, this development will forever make Jibril best girl.

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